Jon Slater

Jon Slater is a meteorologist for News Channel 4. He joined the KFOR 4Warn Storm Team in December 2015.

As a youngster Jon spent hours and hours watching the weather out his bedroom window. His passion for weather was so great his parents thought he was crazy. Jon has been riding that passion like a cowboy rides a horse his entire life!

Jon studied meteorology at the University of Oklahoma, receiving his degree in meteorology in 1987. While in college he never once considered television as a career. Then one day after graduation Jon was offered a job at a TV station in Lawton, OK and his life changed forever!

Jon has spent almost his entire career as a broadcast meteorologist covering Oklahoma’s weather and is known for his expertise in forecasting and storm coverage. He’s done it all from Chief Meteorologist to morning guy to the weekend shift. Jon’s experience through the years tracking Oklahoma’s extreme weather makes him an Oklahoma weather expert.

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