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Kevin Ogle is an Emmy award winning journalist who anchors the KFOR 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. weeknight news with Joleen Chaney.
In addition to his responsibilities as news anchor, Kevin moderates Flashpoint, a political affairs talk show with Mike Turpen and Kirk Humphreys.
In 1993, Kevin joined the News Channel 4 team as weekend anchor and weekday reporter. He has also worked in radio and print.
Kevin has received various awards for reporting. He was honored with a Heart Land Emmy Award for his special: “Survivor’s Story”. He won another Heart Land Emmy for the commentary: “A Real Oklahoman”, an update of his father Jack’s commentary from 1984. He was nominated for an Emmy in 1998 for his feature Power of Prayer. The Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters awarded Kevin the 2004 Outstanding Achievement Award for Best Feature on his reporting of Survivor’s Story.
The Arkansas Associated Press first place reporting award for the documentary The Family Farm: The New York Times Company Broadcast Group awarded Kevin the 2004 Chairman’s Team Award for his efforts in KFOR’s Triple Cast Election Watch Team on the night of the presidential election, November 2004. Kevin Is the son of Oklahoma Hall Of Fame broadcaster Jack Ogle and the father of Oklahoma City TV broadcasters, Abigail Ogle and Katelyn Ogle. Kevin went K thru 12 in Edmond Public Schools graduating from Edmond Memorial High School in 1977.
Kevin attended Kansas State University and Oklahoma State University. Kevin and his wife Ginger were married in 1984 and live in Edmond.

Recent Articles
  • Local hospice volunteer brings hope and a surprise

    EDMOND, Okla. – 87-year-old Bob Grant is a man on a mission. Bob volunteers for Good Shepherd Hospice and one of his stops once a week is The Timbers Skilled Nursing Center in Edmond. After Bob’s wife Joan died in 2014, he wanted a way to honor her memory and help others. “It’s my way of giving back to the community,” says Bob. “Because 70 percent of the people in here never get a visitor. Somebody needs to come see […]

  • Suspect in custody after high-speed chase through Oklahoma City

    OKLAHOMA CITY – A wild chase through the metro reached speeds of almost 150 miles per hour, according to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. It ended with a suspect in custody and the discovery of lots of clothing merchandise, possibly stolen from Oklahoma stores. According to the OHP, it all started in Grady County when 27-year-old Javonte Barnes wouldn’t pull over for speeding. The chase roared up I-44 and into Newcastle before Barnes started for the downtown Oklahoma City area. “Speeds […]

  • The miracle in the rubble: Rescuers recount helping save baby during May 3, 1999 tornado

    “It literally looked like a trash heap that you would see in the junk yard. And, they were digging and digging, and they could hear people crying.” That’s just one of the memories EMSA Paramedic Jim Cochrane remembers from May 3, 1999 when he drove up on the scene of an apartment complex obliterated at the intersection of SW 119th and Western. Oklahoma City Police Master Sergeant Kevin Sutherland arrived on the same scene but was confronted by a different […]

  • A vision of friendship at the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon

    OKLAHOMA CITY – 76-year-old Benny Meier is a long-distance runner in OKC, but probably not like many you have met before. Benny is blind, but it doesn’t keep Benny from competing in the Oklahoma City National Memorial Marathon. That’s because Benny has a secret weapon. Her name is Frances Williams. When Benny runs, Frances is his guide. Frances uses her eyes and Benny provides the inspiration for this dynamic running duo. “She’s been a person who has been my guide, […]

  • Oklahoma WWII veteran takes flight down memory lane

    ADA, Okla. – The B-24 Bomber Liberator and the men who manned them, helped liberate America from World War II. The B-24’s bombing runs in the Pacific Theater against the Japanese were lethal. One man who knows that is 94-year-old Gene Neal from Sulphur. His position in the plane during the war was in the very front of the B-24. “I was the nose gunner,” says Gene, “I was the first one there and the first one home.” On Friday […]

  • Daily Bread straight from the heart of this Oklahoma woman

    STILLWATER, Okla. – Linda Martin spends most of her weekdays volunteering at the Our Daily Bread Food and Resource Center in Stillwater. “That’s the way I was raised,” Linda says, “to give myself to help others.” She helps sort the fresh from the old food the center purchases at a bargain price from grocery stores in the area. Fellow volunteer Jim Steigler helps at the center with Linda and thought she was a paid employee when he first saw her […]

  • Shoe shine surprise for man representing OKC to visitors far and wide

    “Gina came home from trip recently and said, ‘John…there’s a guy at the airport that needs to be recognized.’” That’s what John Doyle of Perkins says about the day his wife Gina decided to nominate Harold Smith for Pay It Forward. For more than 32 years Harold has been shining shoes at his stand inside the terminal at Will Rogers World Airport in OKC. “It’s not a job no more…after you do it so long,” Harold told us. “It’s not […]

  • Metro mother-daughter duo creates support group for girl with scoliosis

    MOORE, Okla. – Inside Southridge Middle school in Moore is a young lady who pays it forward one new friend at a time. 13-year-old Sydney Borchardt helps organize a group called Curvy Girls. It’s a support and information group for girls who have had to deal with scoliosis, a condition that makes a person’s spine curve, usually in the shape of an S. Scoliosis is diagnosed most often between 10 and 20 years old. Girls are typically more severely affected. […]

  • Guilding a layer of love

    EDMOND, Okla. – “We try to wrap them in comfort.” That’s what Lee Grey of The Edmond Quilt Guild says about the group’s effort of wrapping, some who need it most, in layers of warmth and love. The guild makes quilts and sends them to places like The Hope Center in Edmond. “To see the children’s smile when they get a new quilt, is priceless,” says guild member Jasmine Malone. Judy Elliot is the ringleader of this merry band of […]

  • Oklahoma City bombing victim outraged about social media post

    OKLAHOMA CITY – A social media post believed to be from an Alabama fan is infuriating victims and family members of the Oklahoma City bombing. The post, on a college football trash talking site, has a picture of the Murrah Building in ruins from the blast with the caption: “won’t be the first time Oklahoma gets blown out.” Oklahoma is playing Alabama in the college football playoffs. The site ‘College Football Trash Talk Nation’ had a post attributed to it […]

  • A homerun for Pay It 4Ward

    OKLAHOMA CITY – James Ready loves to help young people learn the game of baseball. James works at The Swat Academy in northwest OKC. But it’s not the baseball prowess of James Ready that has him the focus of Pay It Forward. “When I was getting put in the ambulance, I saw James walk out,” Jesse Norman talking about the day his life almost ended. Jesse had just picked up his sons Gavin and Braden from a basketball game. They […]

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