Adam Snider joined Oklahoma’s News Channel 4 Team as a General Assignment Reporter/Multi Media Journalist in July of 2014. He reports for the 4 p.m., 5 p.m., 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. newscasts.
Before joining KFOR-TV, Adam worked as a weekend anchor at KAMR-NBC 4 in Amarillo, Texas. Adam graduated with a degree in Broadcast Journalism from West Texas A&M University.
Adam was born and raised in the Lone Star State, but is excited to live in a more Sooner State of mind.
When he’s not reporting you can catch him riding his bike around Lake Hefner, walking his dog ‘Rillo, or sampling plenty of OKC eatery.
Here’s some fun facts about Adam Snider:
Hometown… Stinnett, Texas
Life Goal… Fulfilling career in broadcasting
Most embarrassing moment… Friendly bank teller once asked to see a picture of my dog. Long story short, there was a miscommunication….I showed her a picture of my mom. Never went back.
Knew you wanted to be a reporter when… I would watch 60 minutes growing up, the news bug just stuck.
Best part of my job… The ability to tell stories using several different mediums.
Biggest life achievement/made mom & dad proud when I… Started working for KFOR in OKC!
Favorite place to be other than home & work… Back in the metropolis known as Stinnett, Texas.
Anything else you want viewers to know about you? There’s nothing better to me than meeting new people. If you see me out and about come chat!

Recent Articles
  • “Got to hear him for the first time, and it was really amazing,” Lost tape leads to heartwarming reunion

    STILLWATER, Okla. – It started with an auction, an old box and two jars of relish. “I kind of liked the box. Someone had purchased it with some other items,” said Joel Hicks, Stillwater resident. “Asked the guy if he would sell the box. He said he would trade it for a couple jars of relish she had bought.” Inside the old box was an old camcorder. Inside the camcorder was an old tape. Soon, Hicks was transfixed by home […]

  • “It’s a real expensive problem without a cheap solution,” Fall armyworms march across Oklahoma

    OKLAHOMA – A seasonal issue has come roaring back into Oklahoma, though many farmers said this year is the worst yet, as wheat continues to die. Farmers are on the hunt for a miniature army that’s caused a massive problem. “It’s been the worst that we’ve seen in a while, for sure,” said local farmer Drake Gard. “You’re looking for little green worms to be hiding in the foliage.” Hiding in plain sight just beneath the dirt, they’re called fall armyworms, and […]

  • Burglars set their sights on rural Oklahoma neighborhood

    NEWALLA, Okla. – Several neighborhoods near Newalla have been targeted by burglars recently. It’s a one night heist, that has everyone on edge. At Francies Gill’s home, her small Yorkie plays guard dog. Early Monday morning, little Bowser let out an ominous growl, sensing someone in the backyard. “I seen a shadow, and he had a cap on and everything,” said Gill. “I ran and grabbed that shovel there, and grabbed (Bowser), ran in the house and said ‘there`s someone […]

  • “It’s a beautiful thing, and I think it will lead to justice,” Hundreds march through downtown Tulsa

    TULSA, Okla. – The streets of Tulsa came to life with a march heard around the world. Hundreds gathered downtown more than a week after Terence Crutcher was shot in Tulsa. Part of his exchange with officers was caught on dash-cam. Authorities said Crutcher was unarmed. The officer responsible for the deadly shot, Betty Shelby, has since been charged with first degree manslaughter “Trying to bring our community together,” said Monroe Padillow, as he marched downtown. “Trying to make sure […]

  • “Everybody is always looking over their shoulder in town,” Arrest warrant issued in Logan County assault

    LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. – While Antonio Taylor continues to recover, Tommy Tucker continues to run. Just over a week has passed since Antonio was brought into a local hospital, beaten and bloodied, non-responsive to all. Once placed in a medically induced coma, ‘Tony’ has since come back to life, but he’s not yet back to being himself. “They’re going to put him on solid foods, so he’s kind of excited about that,” said cousin Maggie Bostwick. “He’s very confused about […]

  • Oklahoma Corporation Commission files formal complaint against ONG for home explosion

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Over nine months after a home explosion sent three people to the hospital, an Oklahoma agency has filed a complaint against the gas company. On Jan. 2, emergency crews rushed to a home on Whispering Hollow Dr. after it suddenly exploded in the early morning hours. In all, three people were injured and dozens of homes were damaged in the neighborhood. Initially, fire investigators said it was obvious that natural gas found its way to an ignition source […]

  • Couple allegedly targeted by man wanting to ‘go to back to prison’

    CHICKASHA, Okla. – A Chickasha couple is allegedly attacked by a man who claimed he ‘wanted to go home.’ Anthony Perry was found by police, earlier this month, asleep on a mattress hours after the alleged assault. The victim was not far away in a local hospital. He told police he and a friend were sitting on an outdoor mattress, when Perry approached, box knife in hand, stating he wanted to go back to prison. “He comes up and, trying to […]

  • Holtzclaw defense requests extension

    OKLAHOMA CITY – A former Oklahoma City police officer continues to serve a 263 year sentence, but his defense said there’s more to the story and they need more time. Daniel Holtzclaw, convicted back in December on 16 counts, accused of sexually assaulting women while on the force, remains in an undisclosed prison. Defense attorneys filed for an extension on Tuesday, which would allow them 90 more days to prepare an appeal. The court documents describe the team’s process, as they look […]

  • Hammer wielding robber stopped in his tracks

    An alleged armed robber gets a dose of vigilante justice. It’s every store clerk’s nightmare, an armed man demanding money from the register. But on Sunday night, at CJ’s One Stop Shop, Matthew Mareburger was not alone. “He entered the store with a hoodie on, he had a small sledgehammer in his right hand,” said Capt. Jack Morris, with Enid Police. “You see two previous customers who were in the store, enter behind him, grabbed him from behind, and along […]

  • “No one could tell me whether or not he was alive,” Oklahoma man in coma following assault

    GUTHRIE, Okla. – A Guthrie man fights for his life after a vicious assault over the weekend. Family of Antonio Taylor have not left his bedside, telling NewsChannel 4 he’s been placed in a medically induced coma. “It didn’t look like him. It wasn’t like him to be just laying there,” said Rovena Park, Taylor’s cousin. It all started Sunday morning in a home in south Guthrie. Authorities said, while staying at a friend’s house, Taylor was brutally beaten by […]

  • Neighbors call out neighbors to fix dilapidated private road

    NEWALLA, Okla.– Notorious in Cleveland County for its poor quality, when it rains on Tealwood Road, it pours. “I’ve lived here since April, and since then it’s washed out three times, and it’s impassable,” said Krystal Deason. “It’s just terrible.” Located just off South Harrah, Tealwood is a private road, meaning upkeep is the responsibility of the residents. Many neighbors though continue to disappoint Kerrie Newburn. “Most of the time, it`s mainly just my husband`s family,” she said. Tealwood though is […]

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