Storms possible this weekend

I’m from Abilene, Kansas and graduated from Bob Jones University with a degree in radio-television broadcasting.

After graduation I moved to Oklahoma City and worked at Defining Moment as a photographer and reporter. That’s when I fell in love with the city! Then I moved to the ABC affiliate in Wichita, Kansas, where I split my time between reporting and producing. I finally came “home” again when I joined the KFOR-TV news team in March 2013 and I’m thrilled to be back for good!

Life Goal – To build a long-lasting journalism career, and shine as a professional, compassionate reporter that people can respect and trust.

Play any sports/Favorite Sport – Long-time volleyball player, but recently started playing soccer, and love it almost as much!

Happiest moment in my life was – Getting a reporting job at KFOR and moving back to OKC.

4 notable persons you’d invite to dinner – Abraham Lincoln (my favorite president as a kid), Dwight D. Eisenhower (he grew up in my hometown), Paula Farris (one of my favorite anchors) and Kate Middleton.

I have a pet – Dog. Half Beagle, half Australian Shepherd that I adopted from the Oklahoma City Humane Society. His name is Byron,and he’s awesome. He keeps me company and will give you a high-five if you ever meet him (no, really….It’s one of his many tricks).

Knew you wanted to be a reporter when – I was in high school. I am naturally curious, I love talking to and meeting new people and hearing their stories. Watching reporters while growing up was like looking into a mirror image of what I knew I wanted to become.

Best movie of all time – Pride and Prejudice (I know, I’m such a girl.)

Hardest part of my job – Getting up so early in the morning and being energetic all day.

Favorite holiday – Christmas. Family, the season of giving, Christmas music, cookies….It’s the best.

People are surprised when I tell them – I love surfing and go every chance I can. Growing up in Kansas surrounded by wheat fields….I can see why that would be surprising.

I like to listen to – Country music.

I’d jump at the chance to – Travel to Ireland! It’s part of my heritage and I want to visit it in the next few years.

Favorite place to be other than home & work – In Hawaii surfing the waves or going to the beach.

Anything else you want viewers to know about you – An Irish redhead, love talking to anyone about pretty much anything, and getting involved in fun community events!

Recent Articles
  • Small town becomes home of world-class weapons system

    ELGIN, Okla. – A ground-breaking ceremony in the small town of Elgin is leading the way in world-class weapons systems. It’s a program that has been 10 years in the making. The community of Elgin, the U.S. Army and BAE Systems teamed up to unveil a new mobile cannon, known as the Paladin Integrated Management Program, or PIM. BAE is a global defense, security and aerospace company that develops products for air, land and naval forces. Officials said the company has […]

  • “The Birds” movie coming to life in Oklahoma City

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Busy intersections, like Memorial Rd. and Pennsylvania Ave., have  resembled an Alfred Hitchcock film lately. Linda Harness said, “It reminds me of the movie ‘Birds.’ You know, you feel like they’re taking over and it’s kind of a weird-looking sight.” Local bird experts say the birds are mostly Great-tailed Grackles, mixed with Starlings and a few Cowbirds. Jimmy Woodard, a member of the Oklahoma City Audubon Society, the Oklahoma Ornithological Society, and the American Birding Association, said […]

  • Man arrested for allegedly killing step-father by “atomic wedgie”

    POTTAWATOMIE COUNTY – A McCloud man is now under arrest for taking a high school prank to a deadly level. The suspect, 33-year-old Brad Davis, was a former marine. Police say he didn’t use a knife or gun though; they believe he used the victim’s underwear to choke him. “I can’t imagine how you do that to your step-father, choke him with his underwear.” Shawnee resident Peggy Springer said. Investigators say Davis and his 58-year-old step-father, Denver St. Clair, were […]

  • New program hopes to protect puppies, kittens in OKC animal shelter

    OKLAHOMA CITY – The little faces of puppies and kittens at the Oklahoma City Animal Shelter are part of a big problem. Puppies and kittens are especially vulnerable to disease because of their immature immune systems and they often get sick when they stay in the shelter. Tuesday, the Oklahoma City Council passed a new pet program called “Foster-To-Transfer.” It is designed to keep young animals healthy by working with local rescue groups. Jon Gary, with the Oklahoma City Animal […]

  • Shelter, rescue group searching for foster families for big dogs

    OKLAHOMA CITY – The Bella Foundation is teaming up with the Oklahoma City Animal Shelter, searching for foster families ready to take on a “big” responsibility. They are recruiting people willing to take in large-breed dogs with their “Big Hearts for Big Dogs” program. The shelter has struggled to find foster homes for dogs weighing more than 50 pounds. Sadly, most of the dogs left to die in shelters are large-breed dogs. Tevin Garner, with The Bella Foundation, said “Large […]

  • OKC Police arrest one of two suspects involved in brutal home invasion

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Neighbors are still on edge after a brutal attack that started with a knock on the door. Police say two men forced an elderly woman back inside her home when she answered the door, and then beat her. The two men then ransacked her home, took her purse and keys, and left the 68-year-old woman lying on the floor with a broken arm and hip. Captain Dexter Nelson said “One of the guys asked if she needed […]

  • Fans greet Sooner champs as they return home

    NORMAN, Okla – It was a sweet greeting for the Sooner stars as they returned home from a Sugar Bowl victory. Hundreds lined up to get a glimpse of the 2014 Sugar Bowl champions, fresh off their upset against the number three ranked Alabama. ‘Bama was bigger, but OU was better. Many sports analysts predicted OU to be a double-digit loser in this year’s Sugar Bowl, making victory that much sweeter. “I got the biggest kick out of when they […]

  • Cold weather affects Downtown in December special events

    OKLAHOMA CITY – The ups and downs of Oklahoma weather made this year’s Downtown in December a challenging one. “Families like to take their kids out to the ice rink and snow tubing on the weekends and because all that bad weather kept coming in before school was out and on weekends, it really did impact the numbers at those outdoor activities.” Jill Delozier, with Downtown OKC said. The Chesapeake Snow Tubing took the hardest hit. Downtown OKC says fewer […]

  • NEW: Former Oklahoma doctor facing homicide charges after patients died of overdose

    UPDATED: Authorities say eight of Valuck’s patients died of prescription drug overdose and another patient was accused of causing a fatal accident. According to OBN agents, Valuck prescribed an estimated 3.5 million pills a year. Officials say the doctor was the largest prescriber of controlled dangerous substances in the state of Oklahoma in a one year period. Prescribing the drugs with little of no examination. OKLAHOMA CITY –  A former Oklahoma doctor is behind bars facing charges for homicide and […]

  • Oklahoma City woman looks for dog after he escapes from local vet

    OKLAHOMA CITY – One metro woman started off her new year with heartbreak. Natalie Pinion spent the first day of 2014 looking for her dog. Corey, her 9-year-old Schnauzer mix, escaped from Northwest Animal Hospital two weeks ago while she was on a trip. “If I’m not doing something else it’s pretty much been looking for Corey.” Pinion said. “So it’s been really hard. I mean, I’ve had him since 2007.” Corey was last seen around the area of N.W. […]

  • NEW: Mountaineer bringing tornado victims to the top of the world

    MOORE, Okla. – More than seven months after deadly tornadoes ripped through Oklahoma, one man is making sure the victims and survivors are not forgotten by taking them to the top of the world. Ryan Kushner watched the May 20 tornado tear through Moore from his Denver, Colorado home. The mountaineer and storm chaser was packing to climb Mount McKinley, the highest peak in North America. “To watch tornadoes just rip into Oklahoma City when . . . people that I […]