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  • What Storm Shelter is best for me?

    Oklahoma Storm Shelter considerations In choosing a Concrete Underground Oklahoma Storm Shelter here are some things to consider: For a Concrete Underground Oklahoma Storm Shelter think about this.  This shelter will be unloaded from a large truck.  The truck has to back up to where the hole has been dug. So the Concrete Shelter to be placed into the hole. So take some time to consider these things: Does your property have enough access space for the delivery truck to […]

  • Watch how a Garage Shelter is Installed

    Oklahoma Shelters – The Storm Shelter Expert Here is a video of a garage shelter being installed. We love our customers they are the reason we wake up and go to work everyday. One customer in particular was awesome enough to take a time lapse video of their garage shelter being installed. So if you aren’t sure about what a tornado shelter installation entails, or what it will look like, check this out: Here is the exact email text she […]

  • When is Tornado Season?

    Tornado Season in Oklahoma The peak of tornado season in the United States is in the second week of May.  Most of the these storms are in central Oklahoma. Tornado season in Oklahoma starts in March. It continues in April. Then it peaks in May. In 2014 Oklahoma had the first recorded Tornado in December 2014. If you live in Oklahoma we suggest that you have a severe weather plan. For your family and any others nearby. The first thing […]

  • Are You Afraid of Falling?

    Over 95% of hip fractures are caused by falls. Falls are the leading cause of death due to injury among the elderly. If you or a loved one live with arthritis, you know all too well how difficult day-to-day activities can be and the challenges that come with it. A bathroom full of hard, slippery surfaces and a tall tub to step into can become a difficult and even dangerous place to get around. Bliss Walk-in Tubs were designed to […]

  • Prevent Falls with Walk-In Tubs

    Want a Safe Bathroom? We Can Make It Happen. Are you concerned about your loved one falling when getting in or out of the bathtub? 87% of all fractures with the elderly are due to falls, and 55% of all falls take place inside the home. What should be a soothing experience, however, often gets impeded by concerns of slips and falls. When it’s time to unwind, these issues should be the furthest thing from your mind. That’s where Bliss […]

  • Walk-in Tub Benefits for Diabetes

    Discover the Healing Benefits of a Walk-in Tub… A Bliss Walk-in Tub can help those with diabetes control their blood sugar. Warm water bathing incrases blood ciculation, which helps maintain glucose levels, reduce the risk of vascular disease and avoid painful leg cramps. Stress is also dangerous for those with diabetes, as it rasies blood sugar levels. Bliss Walk-in Tubs are designed to maximise relaxation. Each model comes with a low threshold and a state-of-the-art hydrotherapy system so that your […]

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