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Cassandra joined the News 4 team in June 2017. She’s a Los Angeles native eager to keep the people of Oklahoma safe and informed.

Prior to joining News 4, she worked as a multimedia journalist for the NBC affiliate WCYB that sat right on the border Northeast Tennessee – Southwest Virginia. There Cassandra reported on everything from the deadly opioid crisis, the declining coal mining industry, and struggles and victories inside that corner of Appalachia. Stories she covered range from the controversial bathroom bill, the devastating aftermath of a snowstorm in the winter of 2014, and was there on scene when three young girls fell from the top of a ferris wheel, barely surviving.

Cassandra earned her Bachelor’s degree at UC Irvine, then her Master’s degree in Broadcast Journalism at Syracuse University. In her spare time she enjoys yoga, jamming in high-intensity spin classes, spending hours with a good book, and exploring the corners of Oklahoma.

If you would like to share story ideas with Cassandra, you can reach her via email at

Recent Articles
  • Luther schools arming classroom personnel

    LUTHER, Okla. – Starting in just a few days, a new policy for Luther Public Schools designate armed personnel on school grounds. The school board voted to approve the policy in June, effective this year. Superintendent Barry Gunn said the controversial decision was based on doing everything possible to protect their students. Gunn declined to go on camera for the story but said, in an interview, he would hand-pick about two people to be armed in each school. After nearly […]

  • Political attack ad slams gubernatorial candidate Kevin Stitt’s company

    OKLAHOMA CITY –  With less than three weeks before Oklahoma’s runoff election, the race for governor has taken a bitter turn between the Republican candidates. A war of words launched on TV screens across Oklahoma Friday. The attack ad, funded by a group backing former Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett, is against Tulsa business owner and Cornett’s opponent, Kevin Stitt. Stitt says he wants the ad removed, but Cornett spokesperson says the allegations are all true. “Kevin Stitt is spending a lot of […]

  • Good Samaritan finds more than $1,000, turns cash into police

    GUTHRIE, Okla. – What would you do if you found a large amount of cash lying on the ground? One woman was faced with that decision Tuesday morning. It happened when Shelly Dawes was running errands at the Ace Hardware on South Division Street. She spotted something the ground when she was leaving. “I walked past and then I thought, maybe I ought to pick it up,” Dawes said. News 4 won’t give the exact details about what she picked […]

  • Documents detail man’s bizarre behavior before being arrested on murder charge 

    NEWKIRK, Okla. – There’s new information about the hours after a man allegedly killed a woman in her home, and his bizarre behavior before he was arrested. Brock Wilkins was arrested on a first-degree murder charge after police said he killed Michelle Gentry in her home. Wilkins went to the home of Joey Reynolds the day after the murder occurred. Reynolds says he knew Wilkins for a long time, but didn’t often see him, so he was surprised when he showed up. […]

  • Vandal taking aim at car, business windows around Ardmore

    ARDMORE, Okla. – Police are looking for the person who has been shooting out car windows the past couple weeks around Ardmore before someone gets hurt. All over the north end of Ardmore, people have been walking out to their cars to discover the broken glass. Victim Andrea Booker was woken up by police around 5 a.m. “They said, ‘Well, we have somebody shooting out windows in the neighborhood,'” Booker said. When she saw her Chevrolet Tahoe, she was in disbelief. […]

  • Pit bull found alive riddled with shotgun pellets in Blanchard

    BLANCHARD, Okla. – Rescuers say they stumbled upon a pit bull on Thursday who had been shot at point blank range with a shotgun and left for dead. At this point, the shooter has not been found. Her rescuer, Brianna Greathouse, found the 7-month-old pit, named Petunia, down the street from Blanchard High School alone in a field, obviously hurt. “She had these wounds all over her body, super dehydrated, she just kind of collapsed,” Greathouse said. “She laid there […]

  • Robbers break hole through wall of metro CBD oil store, steal ATM

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Police are trying to figure out who robbed a metro CBD oil store and made off with an entire ATM. It happened around 1 a.m. Saturday at CBD Perks on Mustang Road in Yukon. CBD Perks co-owner Travis Perkins said the store has only been up and running for a couple months. “We have to spend a lot of money on these products,” Perkins said. “They’re not cheap.” Sunday morning, they woke up to discover someone had […]

  • “I hope it gets repaired and restored,” Oklahoma City cemetery facing hard times

    OKLAHOMA CITY – The final resting place of hundreds of Oklahomans going back to the 19th century, has partially fallen into a state of disrepair. Britton Cemetery on Western Road was established in 1891, and many Oklahomans have family and loved ones buried there who span back through the state’s early history. “My grandfather passed away in 1929, he’s one of the first game wardens of the state so he came here right around statehood,” Cheryl Klein said of her […]

  • New details on father arrested for allegedly helping 8-year-old son run away

    OKLAHOMA CITY – New information is emerging about the man arrested for allegedly helping his 8-year-old run away Saturday night. Elijah Muhammad Sr. was arrested for child stealing after his 8-year-old, also named Elijah Muhammad, was found safe in Ardmore Tuesday. “He’s a monster to me,” said the father of Muhammad’s step-children, Ron Drake Jr. “He’s very manipulative. He will tell you what you want to hear, or what maybe sounds good to you to make you believe that he’s […]

  • Neighbor accused of killing family dog in Midwest City

    MIDWEST CITY, Okla. – A dog has been shot and killed in its backyard, and police said the man who pulled the trigger lives next door. Donald Wayne Hill is charged with animal abuse after police said he shot his neighbor’s 2-year-old Australian Shepherd with a pellet gun. The dog, named Loki, was let out to use the bathroom one night and, when he came back in, his owners, Sydney Little and her mother, Molly Cook, said they knew something […]

  • Small dog found dead, floating in locked cage at Lake Hefner

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Two kayakers discovered a drowned Yorkshire terrier trapped inside a dog crate, floating in Lake Hefner near Portland and Hefner Parkway. Monika Stewart and her husband kayak nearly everyday on the lake, and they see all kinds of animals. “That’s what we like,” Stewart said. “We always bring our phone and take pictures. We see unusual things like otters and minks up in the rocks, so it’s really nice.” They also see their fair share of abandoned, […]