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  • Progress made on MAPS 3 Scissortail Park Project

    OKLAHOMA CITY – “I think a lot of times it`s, wow, I didn’t know we were gonna have that in the park,” David Todd, MAPS 3 program director, said. Progress was made Thursday on the MAPS 3 Scissortail Park Project. “Everything is in various states; we’re still working on the cafe, we`re still working on the dog park,” Todd said. News 4 got a sneak peek of the $60 million north side of the park on Thursday. “This is a […]

  • “It’s disgusting,” Man says his Warr Acres apartment is infested with bugs, mold

    WARR ACRES, Okla. – “It’s just all kinds of bugs… crawling out of everything… they’re everywhere; it’s disgusting,” said Warr Acres resident Jeremy Smith. Smith said he feels he’s run out of options. “Even being here six months, there’s been no improvement of anything,” he said. Smith lives at The Lodge on the Lake Apartments. He claims he consistently sees roaches, mold and bed bugs in his apartment. Smith showed us bites on his arm that he thinks he got […]

  • Oklahoma family recovers after son has life-altering surgery

    ELK CITY, Okla. – “Braxton is a little 14-month-old boy that we were originally told had no chance at survival,” mother Amber Howell said. It was something she’d never thought she’d hear and when she did, her family took a scary course of action. “Probably look for him a coffin,” Howell said. Howell said she wasn’t going to let her son go without a fight. “Braxton had a major birth defect called a congenital diaphragmatic hernia, it’s a hole in […]

  • “I was just asking God to help me,” Love’s employee saves customer’s life

    UNION CITY, Okla. – It’s a moment Tommy Robinson said he thought he’d never experience. “Holy crap, I passed out!” Tommy Robinson told News 4. Robinson, a truck driver, made his usual stop at the Love’s Truck Stop in Union City on Friday. He says he took a bite of his hamburger, and doesn’t remember much after that. “He was eating it and I believe he was choking as I was putting up cigarettes,”Ticresha Cox, a Love’s employee, said. The […]

  • Mother speaking out after she says son was bullied at Oklahoma elementary school

    MIDWEST CITY, Okla. – An Oklahoma mother is speaking out after she says her son with special needs was bullied at a local elementary school. “Angry. Where was his protection? Why wasn’t I notified?” concerned parent Kertrina Williams Swindall said. Swindall is reacting after she says her son was bullied at Willow Brook Elementary School. “April 4th to be exact, he was pushed twice and hit in the head” Swindall said. Her son,9-year-old Joseph Davis, struggles with a form of […]

  • American Red Cross: Rainy days slow down blood donations

    OKLAHOMA CITY – “Every two seconds someone needs blood,” said American Red Cross staffer Lauren Davis. Saturday’s weather slowing down blood donations for the American Red Cross in Oklahoma City. “We normally don’t get enough blood on those days” said Davis. Staff tells us rain, and cold weather force people to stay inside. The blood, short on supply. “Because people are just at home they’re not going anywhere,” said Davis. Saturday they hosted the blood drive in doors at the […]

  • WWJD: Man, woman wearing Jesus shirt allegedly cash casino ticket found on the ground

    OKLAHOMA CITY – “If it was mine, I wouldn’t have wanted somebody to keep it,” said Oklahoma resident Silver Watson, reacting to a crime reported out of Remington Park Racing Casino. An $1,800 ticket, taken from the floor of the casino. “You cannot take someone else’s property even if it’s lost property,” said Oklahoma City Police Msg. Gary Knight. Police now want to talk to two people in connection with the crime. Both were caught on surveillance video. The woman […]

  • Depending on your OKC zip code, you could live 18-years longer or less than others

    OKLAHOMA CITY – The Oklahoma City-County Health Department is putting billboards across the city to remind Oklahoma residents that where you live could affect how long you live. “It’s a shocking statistic,” said Oklahoma City-County Health Department executive director Gary Cox. The gap is 18 years. It’s the number that separates the average life expectancy age from the highest average zip code in Oklahoma City to the lowest. “So what that really means is a child that’s born in one […]

  • Woman alleges bed bug bites after stay in Stillwater hotel

    STILLWATER, Okla. – “The second day of our stay, I was sitting in bed and I saw something crawling,” said concerned hotel guest Taylor Rogers. Rogers says she captured cell phone video of a bed bug crawling in her hotel sheets. She was staying at the University Inn & Suites in Stillwater. “I got it in a tissue and made sure, but yes, it was definitely a bed bug,” Rogers said. “Stillwater had a ton of things going on this […]

  • Norman residents react to racist vandal arrest

    NORMAN, Okla. – “I’m glad that she’s in jail and deserves to be,” said Norman resident Nicole Brodsky. Allison Christine Johnson is in the Cleveland County Jail for a complaint of terroristic threats. “It blows my mind that we’re in 2019, and people can be so radical about it,” said Brodsky. Brodsky is referring to the anti-semitic graffiti that Norman and Oklahoma City police believe Johnson is responsible for. “Hate will not be tolerated, not by the Jews, not by […]

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