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  • The Oklahoma Veterans Pilot Program

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  • Riversport Adventures In Boathouse District

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  • Cracking Sneaky Teen Text Codes

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  • 2017 School District Budget Reductions

    Oklahoma Schools Out $93 Million So Far This Year To See How Much The Shortfalls Are Costing Each District:  

  • Toxins In Our Lives

    HOW TO DECREASE YOUR OVERALL EXPOSURE TO ENVIRONMENTAL TOXINS & POLLUTANTS –Filter your air using quality HEPA air filters when possible. –Filter your drinking water. He recommends charcoal filtration systems on your faucet or under your sink as a highly effective and low cost approach. Charcoal filtration combined with reverse osmosis is the most effective, but also the most expensive. –Avoid eating processed foods, especially from cans that use BPA in the lining. –Avoid pesticides by eating organic food when […]

  • Starbucks Medicine?

    Good marketing or just something to make you feel good? A secret Starbucks drink added to the menu There’s no actual medicine in the drink….but here’s the secret recipe in case your barista needs it. -1 VENTI CUP FILLED WITH HALF HOT WATER AND HALF STEAMED LEMONADE -1 BAG OF TEAVANA JADE CITRUS MINT TEA -1 BAG OF TEAVANA PEACH TRANQUILITY TEA -1 PACKET OF HONEY -PUMP OF PEPPERMINT  


    Better Balance Through Gaming For More Information On The Game


    Easy Ways To Spot Suspicious Calls & What To Do If You Get One

  • Jesus Tomb Restoration

    Restoration work at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem reveals one of world’s holiest sites rests on a precarious earthly foundation.

  • Oklahoma City officials: Lighten Up on the fertilizer

    Oklahoma City Asking Residents To Go Easy On The Fertilizer Here are some other helpful tips when fertilizing: