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Oklahoma’s News Channel 4’s Kevin Ogle is an Emmy award winning journalist who anchors the 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. weeknight news with Linda Cavanaugh.
In addition to his responsibilities as news anchor, Kevin moderates Flashpoint, a political affairs talk show with Mike Turpen and Krik Humphreys.
In 1993, Kevin joined the News Channel 4 team as weekend anchor and weekday reporter. He has also worked in radio and print.
Kevin has received various awards for reporting. He was honored with a Heart Land Emmy Award for his special: “Survivor’s Story”. He won another Heart Land Emmy for the commentary: “A Real Oklahoman”, an update of his father Jack’s commentary from 1984. He was nominated for an Emmy in 1998 for his feature Power of Prayer. The Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters awarded Kevin the 2004 Outstanding Achievement Award for Best Feature on his reporting of Survivor’s Story.
The Arkansas Associated Press first place reporting award for the documentary The Family Farm: The New York Times Company Broadcast Group awarded Kevin the 2004 Chairman’s Team Award for his efforts in KFOR’s Triple Cast Election Watch Team on the night of the presidential election, November 2004.
Kevin attended Kansas State University and Oklahoma State University. Kevin and his family live in Edmond.

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