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Before joining the KFOR, La’Tasha Givens worked as a Reporter/ Anchor at WCTV in Tallahassee, FL where she began her news career. While she enjoyed working in public relations, her dream was to become a reporter so she made a career change. She is graduate of Eastern Michigan University. She grew up between Michigan and Atlanta.

Happiest moment in my life was…: My first spiritual birthday, my wedding day
Play any sports/Favorite Sport: I love to golf and play tennis, not that I’m any good at either.

Favorite TV Show: Oprah

Favorite Car: Convertible SUV…it doesn’t exist yet but I really want someone to create one for me.

4 notable persons you’d invite to dinner: Oprah, Diane Sawyer, Ronald Regan, President Barack Obama

Favorite food: Lamb and Lobster

I have a pet: None

Knew you wanted to be a reporter when…: I was 10 years old reporting from the playground about a neighbor’s lost cat.

Best movie of all time: Legends of the Fall, I Am Sam

Hardest part of my job: Leaving tough stories at work

Favorite holiday: I enjoy them all

School fight song: I can’t remember…: which is sad because I was a cheerleader.

People are surprised when I tell them…: I’m really afraid of squirrels

I like to listen to…: Anything mainstream

Favorite Book: The Bible, it’s the most fascinating book I have ever read. There is love, war, incredible stories of courage, sibling rivalry.

I’d jump at the chance to…: travel the world for a year

Best part of the day: The morning

Favorite place to be other than home and work: Anywhere traveling with my husband

Anything else you want viewers to know about you: I believe there is something wonderful in everyone.

Recent Articles
  • USGS: Fracking’s disposal wells are the cause of earthquakes in Oklahoma

    OKLAHOMA — It’s the million dollar question in Oklahoma: What’s causing all the earthquakes? There have been a lot of theories about fracking causing earthquakes. But now, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) says that fracking’s disposal wells are indeed, to blame. The debate about the cause of earthquakes in Oklahoma has really heated up within the last year. But now, the USGS is making strong statements about what they believe is the root of the problem. A press release states, “… the […]

  • Metro school wants to end partnership with vo-tech

    OKLAHOMA CITY — A metro school wants to break ties with a vocational school. It’s a partnership that’s been on the books for decades but now, Millwood schools says it no longer works for them. Twice a day, juniors and seniors travel from Millwood High School to Francis Tuttle for vocational training. Along with them goes nearly hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars, something Superintendent Cecelia Robinson wants to change. “We are currently sending $650,000 out of the northeast community […]

  • Metro man kidnapped, beaten and robbed after flirting with another man’s girlfriend

    LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. — A man is kidnapped, beaten, robbed, and held at knife-point by two men. Deputies say it happened in the home of convicted felon Michael Robinson Jr. Although a wheelchair may limit his movement, detectives say that didn’t stop Robinson and another acquaintance from kidnapping, brutally beating and holding a man at knife point. The motive — detectives say Robinson told them the victim put the moves on his girlfriend. Bruised and bloody from the attack, deputies […]

  • Burglary ring busted after suspects came back for more

    LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. — Roy Dodson says he got a call from a neighbor saying something suspicious was stirring on his 30 acres. So he took a drive on his golf cart to check it out. “When they arrived, they noticed three people on the property that should not have been there,” Det. Greg Valencia with the Logan County Sheriff’s Office said. “My daughter-in-law went over with me and she went over and said what the hell are you people […]

  • Family accuses school nurse of violence with student with Down syndrome

    OKLAHOMA CITY — A local family is accusing a school nurse of being violent with their child. It’s difficult for Tiasha Akins to talk about an incident she says happened to her son. She says a nurse became aggressive with her son while he was at school. “You feel helpless because there is nothing that one can do.” The lawsuit filed states the nurse “grabbed him by the throat, choking him, and then threw him violently against the wall.” It goes on […]

  • New law reigns in rogue bounty hunters

    OKLAHOMA CITY – In recent years, bounty hunters in Oklahoma made headlines when a slew of rogue agents made bad decisions. In one case a man was wrongfully tasered and his dog was shot and killed. Senator Ralph Shortey says this new law makes it mandatory for bounty hunters to be licensed, giving a clear code of conduct backed by professional training. “You’ll have to go through the four phases of private investigators and private security training and there is a fifth phase […]

  • Crooks target customers at the pump

    OKLAHOMA — Police said crooks you can’t even see are robbing people at metro gas stations. While consumers enjoy plummeting prices at the pump, officials say brace for scammers looking to steal your information with every swipe. A Facebook alert from Midwest City Police states a card skimmer was found mounted on one of the pumps at the Circle K station on the 6500 block of Tinker Diagonal. Police warn all customers who purchased gas at this location check to […]

  • Some Blanchard business owners fight big box store proposal

    BLANCHARD, Okla. — Debbie Ford has been the manager of a Blanchard pharmacy for 16 years. She said they don’t just help customers, they serve entire families, and have for generations. “Everyone is family to us.” The idea of a big box store coming to town is bad news for the store. “We don’t have the buying power that the big box stores have and so it would affect us.” City Manager Robert Floyd showed us the proposal for a […]

  • Oklahoma County Sheriff’s deputies deliver baby on the side of the road

    OKLAHOMA– Oklahoma County deputies have many responsibilities, but delivering a baby isn’t normally one of them. Deputies recently helped deliver a baby on the side of the road near SE. 29th and Triple X. Bob Moore chopper 4 was over the scene when three Oklahoma County deputies helped deliver a baby girl. The mother was being driven to the hospital when she realized the baby just couldn’t wait any longer. Sgt. John Rose and Deputy John Albert got to the scene before medics, and […]

  • Some calling for the Bible to be taught in one metro school

    MUSTANG, Okla. – Some are calling for the Bible to be taught in one metro school, but others are saying it violates the separation of church and state. After an interview on cable news, Oklahoma State Senator Kyle Loveless was called a religious terrorist. It’s because of a bill aiming to protect Mustang schools from lawsuits over a class about the Bible. “Before the curriculum was even finalized, the folks that were against it were already threatening lawsuits,” Loveless said. Although the class would […]

  • Bad heating has students complaining to parents

    OKLAHOMA CITY– Open classroom doors in Millwood Public Schools are a security no-no. But it’s one of a few ways they are keep one of the buildings from becoming too cold, a problem some parents are concerned about. Erma Neal, who is otherwise happy with the school said it is so cold inside that her granddaughter had to stay home from school one day. “She wore a coat all day in school because she said she was cold.” Administrators confirmed while the […]

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