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  • Abuse, neglect investigation underway after longhorn left fighting for her life in Luther

    LUTHER, Okla. – A young longhorn is fighting for her life, as an alleged case of abuse and neglect is investigated. Wendy, a 7-month-old longhorn calf, has been in the care of Jennie Hays for about two weeks at ‘Oliver & Friends Farm Rescue and Sanctuary’ in Luther. She has a loving home now, but things haven’t always been so good for her. The young longhorn was initially found online and in bad shape. “Somebody had seen an ad on […]

  • Storms damage homes and yards, knock down power lines and leave thousands in the dark in Piedmont

    PIEDMONT, Okla. – Storms have hit the town of Piedmont hard. Authorities confirmed 10 power lines were down in the city – leaving as many as 3,000 people without power at one point. Closed roads due to the downed power lines led to headaches for many drivers but, for some residents, it’s damage in their own backyard they’ll be dealing with for days, if not weeks. Teamwork and the art of improvising on full display in Piedmont. For three neighbors, […]

  • Oklahoma woman frustrated after power line left in her yard with no sign, warning

    OKLAHOMA CITY – It was hard to find since it was hidden in the grass along an Oklahoma City woman’s fence line. “My son was outside cutting the yard, and he ran up on the cord and said, ‘Mom, do you know anything about this cord that’s being dragged across the yard into the neighbors?’ And, I was like, ‘No, I don’t,'” Carla Nichols said. Nichols said her son discovered the electric wire on July 27. Since it was a […]

  • Local doctor encouraging pain treatment alternative to opioids

    EDMOND, Okla. – It’s no secret that our state, along with the rest of the nation, is facing an opioid crisis. Just this summer, News 4 reported the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics had seen an almost 300% increase in overdose deaths linked to opioids since 2003. But where should those in pain turn for relief? There’s one treatment option that goes straight to the source of the pain, and some doctors say it is an alternative to opioids. A local doctor […]

  • “It’s helping them to replace behaviors,” Oklahoma City elementary school opens meditation room

    OKLAHOMA CITY – It’s a basic reality for many teachers and students. Traditionally, when a student is disruptive in class, they’re sent to the principal’s office and some form of discipline will follow. Well, this year, at Edgemere Elementary, the teachers and students will be trying out an alternative to the old forms of discipline. Peace. It’s not something you find often at an elementary school – but Joanna Eldridge said, at times, it’s exactly what her students need. “Meditation […]

  • Overnight storms leave mess throughout the metro

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Heavy rain, strong winds, lightning and flooding proved to be the recipe for disaster for many in the overnight to early morning hours Sunday and Monday. One commuter was left stranded when their van stalled out in water that was 4 feet deep near I-35 and N.E. 50th. Thankfully, fire crews and the dive team got him to safety. Others, who weren’t out in it, were woken up by the noise. “So, I got up to look […]

  • Oklahoma City girl starts church donation drive to help homeless children

    OKLAHOMA CITY – A young girl is on a mission to help homeless children in the metro. It’s a mission that’s close to her heart and her faith – a faith often surrounded by many misconceptions. Anjali Singh says it’s an idea that came to her during a church camp at Sikh Gurdwara of Oklahoma. “We were learning a lot about sharing and I noticed the kids really wanted to do something about that and they really wanted to help […]

  • Plans in the works for multi-million-dollar shrine, church to honor Blessed Stanley Rother

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Plans are in the works for a shrine and massive multi-million-dollar church to honor Blessed Stanley Rother. Rother was martyred in 1981 in Guatemala. He was beatified in September of 2017. Once complete, it will be the largest Catholic church in the state of Oklahoma. It will be located at SE 89th & Shields, where Brookside Golf Course currently stands. The Archdiocese of Oklahoma City purchased the land a few years back. “It will attract people from near […]

  • Oklahoma County Jail receives first K9 contraband unit in the state’s jail system

    OKLAHOMA CITY – There’s an extra set of eyes, ears and paws taking a bite out of crime from inside the Oklahoma County Jail. He’s leading the way as part of the first and only K9 contraband unit within the Oklahoma jail system. Han started sniffing out trouble right off the bat, on the first day. “I’ve had several inmates say they see us coming in, they start flushing,” said Han’s teammate, Sgt. Curtis Whittington. The duo has only been […]

  • Video of lioness interacting with little girl, Simba toy at Oklahoma City Zoo goes viral

    OKLAHOMA CITY – After video of a lioness appearing to interact with a little girl and her stuffed animal from ‘The Lion King’ has gone viral, zoo officials explained more about the playful feline. “No one really knows for sure what they think,” said Kevin Drees, director of Animal Collections at the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden. But, the lioness was certainly thinking something this weekend at the zoo. In cellphone video sent to News 4 from Mary Jo […]

  • Nichols Hills woman warns others about email scam involving porn, threats of video recordings

    NICHOLS HILLS, Okla. – A local woman is warning others about a scam involving pornography, email accounts and video recordings. Officials say it’s a new fear tactic used by those trying to get a hold of your hard-earned cash. Anne Wilson says it was the subject line of the email that first got her attention. “They have my password and then my name, and the password is a real password,” Wilson said. Anne Wilson says she immediately opened it and […]