Marianne Rafferty joins KFOR from Fox News Channel (FNC) in New York. She joined FNC in 2006 as an Atlanta-based correspondent, and in 2010 moved to headquarters in New York to anchor prime time cut-ins and breaking news.

Most recently, Rafferty covered the 2013 deadly crash of Asiana Flight 214 at the San Francisco Airport (SFO), and the disappearance of flight MH370 over the Indian Ocean. She also reported from Ground Zero during celebrations in lower Manhattan following the death of Osama bin Laden. Her work as a Correspondent also led her to cover the landfall and aftermath of many hurricanes, and also tornado damage across the country.

Before joining FNC, Rafferty served as a reporter for the ABC station here in Oklahoma City, where she provided live coverage of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. She also covered Oklahoma’s five major military installations during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. Rafferty began her journalism career in 2001 as an anchor and reporter at KZTV (CBS 10) in Corpus Christi, Texas.

When not at work, she enjoys spending time with her son Devin, husband Ian, and their adorable Bullmastiff, Dugan. Marianne plays the piano, and enjoys outdoor sports.

Rafferty attended Bellarmine University and is a native of Beeville, Texas.

Recent Articles
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    OKLAHOMA CITY—His family calls him, ‘Super Stan’ because the toddler never seems to slow down. Late last fall, his mother started noticing problems. Stan was getting sick after every meal, so his mom started making changes to his diet. “We switched to organic milk, thought maybe he was just lactose intolerant,” says Lindsey Evans, Stan’s mother. Stan was also stumbling when he walked, and started having trouble keeping his balance. “Then he started falling, not just stumbling anymore. This isn’t […]

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    OKLAHOMA CITY—Stan is just 2 years old, but in the fight of his life against a form of childhood brain cancer. His family calls him “Super Stan” because he is always curious and on the move. Last fall, Stan started having problems. “He was stumbling,” says Lindsey Evans, Stan’s mother. Then, the toddler starting throwing up after meals. Stan’s symptoms were worsening, so the family’s pediatrician sent them to the emergency room for answers. A brain scan revealed a parent’s worst fear. […]

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    OKLAHOMA CITY – Joan Manning woke up Thursday morning to a horrifying sight. Her beloved spotted Apaloosa mare, named Tina, was lying motionless in a field in front of her home. Tina had been viciously attacked, killed sometime during the overnight hours and left to die. A veterinarian performed a necropsy before Manning buried Tina and determined she had been stabbed with a long object, such as sword or a long knife. Manning is shocked such an act could have been […]

  • Shawnee teen diagnosed with cancer after lingering cold, lump discovered on neck

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Austin is a typical teenager, spending much of his free time texting friends and playing games on his smartphone. However, his favorite way to spend his time is playing football and basketball. Last spring, all of those things Austin loves were sidelined when he got sick and just couldn’t get better. “We had a bug. We all threw up, and all got over it within 24 to 48 hours,” says Brenda Carlile, Austin’s mother. “ Except he kept […]

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    Norman, OK– Liz Farrar is proud of her thrift shop, ‘Donate a Miracle’. “We’ve only been in this location for two months, so it’s a work in progress”, says Farrar as she shows us around what was once a church. Underneath stained glass windows, Farrar shows us rows of glass cases with antiques and other collectibles. Ferrar says she was nudged by her faith to raise money for the needy through sales of knick-knacks, and clothing. “God has put me […]

  • Ceremony held for unveiling of highway dedication signs in honor of Trooper Nicholas Dees

    SHAWNEE, Okla. – Brandi Dees said her two young daughters miss their father. “They have their good days and their bad days, but they’re doing pretty good for the most part,” Brandi said. A ceremony was held Thursday in Shawnee, with Trooper Nicholas Dees family and state leaders present to unveil highway dedication signs in his honor. The permanent memorials will be placed along the same stretch of road where the trooper lost his life. “My husband paid the ultimate sacrifice for the […]

  • Eye exam uncovers condition causing metro boy’s blurred vision

    OKLAHOMA CITY– Jonathan enjoys reading with his mom. But last year, he began to struggle in school. The eleven year old told his mother, he could not see the board where his teacher was writing classroom lessons. “The board was blurred”, says Jonathan, “I couldn’t write down pages. I couldn’t do my work, and it was becoming a problem because I was getting left behind in class.” Jonathan had basic vision checks in school, but no vision problems were detected. […]

  • “We started to figure out it was something pretty serious,” Stroud girl battling childhood bone cancer

    OKLAHOMA CITY –  Dani loves horses and started riding at a young age. “She’s been riding horses since she was 2 years old,” says Roy Killman, Dani’s dad. But a year ago, Dani had to put outdoor activities she loved, like horseback riding, on hold. Her parents became concerned when their usually active daughter began to slow down. “She was the fastest runner in her class, you know, and she just started complaining about her knee hurting,” says Valerie Killman, Dani’s mother. […]

  • “We started to figure out it was something pretty serious,” Stroud girl battling childhood bone cancer

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Dani has loved riding horses since she was a toddler, but she has not been in the saddle for some time. Instead, Dani has been battling a form of childhood bone cancer. Her dad says Dani has always been active and loved the outdoors, so her parents were concerned when she started to slow down. “She started complaining about her knee,” said Valerie Killman, Dani’s mom. At first, her mom and dad thought it might just be growing […]

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