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Sarah Stewart joined Oklahoma’s NewsChannel 4 as a general assignment reporter in July of 1999. Before joining KFOR, Sarah worked as a crime reporter and weekend anchor at KFDA-TV in Amarillo, TX. Sarah graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a BA in Journalism.

Sarah anchored the morning show on NewsChannel 4 from 2004 to 2006, before deciding to stay home full time with her children.

In 2010, Sarah came back as a freelance reporter for KFOR. She decided to resume full time in June of 2015 and is thrilled to be back in a profession she loves.

Sarah has been honored for her work at Newschannel 4 by the Associated Press Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters. She takes great pride in telling the stories of fellow Oklahomans.

Sarah and her husband live in Oklahoma City with their three children. They attend Crossings Community Church.

Recent Articles
  • Edmond counselor warning others after almost falling for jury duty scam

    EDMOND, Okla. – Dr. Lori Crowson is a licensed counselor in Edmond. Last week, she received a very strange voicemail from someone identifying himself as a Cleveland County deputy. “I’ve been trying to reach you for the past few days,” the caller said. “If you can, make contact with us as soon as possible concerning an ongoing civil matter.” Crowson immediately returned the call. “He told me that, right off the bat, he said ‘We have a warrant out for […]

  • Small Oklahoma community reacts to arrests in cold case

    WELCH, Okla. – “The big news today is that an arrest has been made,” said Tyson Wynn, during his radio show on Monday. Wynn runs the low power radio station in his hometown. The murders of Danny and Kathy Freeman and the disappearance of Ashley Freeman and Lauria Bible have been casting a shadow over the community for almost two decades. “It’s been a part of my life, well, everybody’s life for the past 18 years,” Wynn said. “I think […]

  • Neighbors rescue Oklahoma woman from potential rape

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma City police were called to the 600 block of N.W. 121st Street on a call of trouble unknown. When they got there, they found a man lying down in a driveway. “He had several injuries to his face, was bleeding from his head and seemed semi-unconscious,” said Officer Megan Morgan with the Oklahoma City Police Department. But, police quickly realized the man who appeared to be a victim was in fact a suspect. The victim was […]

  • Motor fuel taxes to go to roads and bridges, not education

    OKLAHOMA CITY – There was unrest at the capitol on Tuesday as lawmakers debated House Bill 1014xx and worried about whether promises made to education can continue to be funded in years two, three and beyond. “Representative, I get where you’re saying that you believe this body will fund education. But that’s not a guarantee that we will,” said Rep. Matt Meredith, (D) District 4. “The concept was that that extra fuel tax would go to education,” said Rep. David […]

  • Out-of-state districts target Oklahoma teachers on Facebook

    OKLAHOMA CITY – It seemed to be back to business as usual on Tuesday at the Oklahoma State Capitol. There was even enough room on the fourth floor rotunda for a square dancing group to perform their moves. “With do si do and dancing back at the capitol,” said Oklahoma City teacher Edith Vickers. “Everything back to normal. Hello? It’s tough. It is very tough. I feel like we’ve been slapped in the face.” Delegations of teachers were still at […]

  • Pregnant Oklahoma woman fights insurance company after losing unborn child in crash

    OKLAHOMA CITY – It was March 1, and Kieta Hill was riding in the front passenger seat of her cousin’s car. “We was picking up food from the market down off 15th,” Hill said. They were making a left turn from Eastern onto S.E. 15th, when her cousin’s car was T-boned by a Suburban traveling the opposite direction. Hill’s side of the car was smashed in. “I just seen this suburban like coming at me 65 miles per house, and […]

  • “We are 95% to our goal,” OEA pushing for last bit of funding before walkout can come to an end

    OKLAHOMA CITY – Teachers say they will be back at the Capitol, diligently working with legislators to get the funding they need to bring an end to the walkout. The Oklahoma Education Association is telling their members that the fight is not over. “We are 95% to our goal. And the accomplishments that educators’ voice, community members’ voice have been heard and what we have been able to accomplish is incredible,” said Katherine Bishop, OEA’s vice president. The organization asked […]

  • Anti-tax group plans to go after education funding

    OKLAHOMA CITY – The group, Oklahoma Taxpayers United, plans to start collecting signatures next week to overturn the historic education funding signed into law by Governor Mary Fallin just before the teacher walkout began. “Raising taxes should be your last option and not your first,” said Ronda Vuillemont-Smith with Oklahoma Taxpayers United. If the group gets a little more than 42,000 signatures, it would cause a veto referendum to be put on the ballot in November and Oklahomans could vote […]

  • Educators remain solid in resolve during day 7 of Oklahoma teacher walkout

    OKLAHOMA CITY – It’s day seven of the Oklahoma teacher walkout, and the message is not wavering. “I feel like it’s a waiting game right now,” said Cristy Gosset, a Putnam City teacher. “I feel like the legislators think they can wait us out. And, I think they’ll be surprised because we’re teachers, we’re patient people.” “If it’s one more day or two more days or a week or whatever it is, were here,” said Edmond teacher Robin Sheetz. “We […]

  • Intensity ramps up for day 6 of Oklahoma teacher walkout

    OKLAHOMA CITY – “What do we want? Funding! When do we want it? Now!” The chants were ramping up in intensity Monday as the Oklahoma teacher walkout entered its second week with community support flooding in. Around 200 female attorneys marched into the state capitol to try and help mediate a solution to bring the teacher walkout to an end. “We’ve got teachers out here. This is not their job. It’s the community’s job. It’s the lawyer’s job, but it’s […]

  • Elderly Weatherford man beaten, robbed in his home

    WEATHERFORD, Okla. – Most people in Weatherford know 84-year-old Clarence Strong as ‘Shorty.’ “That’s what my friends all call me,” he said. Shorty is fiercely independent and lives alone, with only his dog, Bo. “A good watch dog,” he said. “I go outside, he runs right out with me.” Early Friday morning, Bo started barking, alerting Shorty to someone just outside his house. “I heard something knocking on the door,” he said. “But, my outside door I guess was open… […]