Lacey Lett is a multimedia broadcaster with a background in print, radio, television, and advertising.

Lacey graduated with honors from the University of Oklahoma Gaylord School of Journalism and Mass Communications.

Lacey started her career in broadcasting in 2003 working at Clear Channel Radio in Oklahoma City. She also served as co-anchor and multimedia journalist for OklaTravelNet before moving to New York City to work for Vh1 and MTV in 2008. She later worked as an on-air personality for and host of “7 in Seven” for Ackerman McQueen Advertising in Oklahoma City. She’s also taught classes at Oklahoma City Community College and ACM@UCO.

Lacey’s honors include being selected as a Forty under 40 recipient in 2011 as well as a 30/30 NexGen recipient the same year.

In 2013, Lacey was selected by the University of Oklahoma to visit Bangladesh with a group of six Oklahoma colleagues through a media professional exchange program by the U.S. Department of State.

That same year she was inducted into the Oklahoma City Community College Hall of Fame.

In 2015, KFOR received the “Champions for Children” award for Lacey’s work on the adoption series “A Place to Call Home.” She also won an Oklahoma Association of Broadcaster’s award for that same series in 2016.

In 2018 Lacey went to Washington, D.C. to received the “Adoption Excellence” award for her work on “A Place to Call Home.”

She lives in Oklahoma City with her husband Josh and dog Debbie Hairy.

Recent Articles
  • Popular old Yukon theater may be demolished later this year

    YUKON, Okla. (KFOR) – Some Oklahomans are feeling sentimental after learning a metro theatre might be torn down. New memories are being shared about an old place, as folks recall the place where they used their cell phone for the first time, and being dropped off to see classic films from the ’80s and ’90s like Jurassic Park and Who Framed Roger Rabbit? The Yukon cinema was a popular place to go. “In 1997 there were three movies that came […]

  • Old National Guard Armory gets historic status to help reinvent the space

    OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – As the rust sets in and the dust settles, it’s hard to imagine the old glory days of the Oklahoma National Guard Armory. Built in 1938 during World War II, the armory was the home state national guard. “The 45th Infantry Division has a very chronicled history throughout World War 2 and the Korean War and really learning what this place meant to so many people coming in and out,” CEO and Co-founder of Coop Ale […]

  • Teen with cerebral palsy wants out of a shelter and into a permanent home with adoption

    OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – “Unfortunately he’s been placed in a shelter for over a year. We’ve been really working hard to find a placement for him, but it’s been really tough,” Justin Ryan, OKDHS Adoption Transition Unit Worker said. The owner of Dropkick Customz gave AJ a gift he can take back to the shelter with him to light up his day. “They told me you like remote-controlled cars, so we got you a present from 4 Ways and Dropkick […]

  • A brewery, school, cafe, and retail space. What’s in store for the future of the Wheeler District?

    OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – One goal for the Wheeler District in southwest Oklahoma City is to be as pedestrian-friendly as possible and to say hello to your neighbor along the way. “I think there’s kind of a trend nationally to kind of lean back to some of these things that start to gather people together,” Ashley Terry, Wheeler District Dir. Public Life said. That’s what the Wheeler District developers are betting their money on. The district is currently in phase […]

  • Sound Check Matt Stansberry: An Oklahoman with deep musical roots carves out a special sound

    OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Music is in Matt Stansberry’s blood. Both his grandfather and father were musicians so he’s grown up with some type of instrument surrounding him. His most recent band Matt Stansberry and The Romance has at least seven musicians on stage at any given show. Matt dropped by the KFOR studios to talk to Sound Check Host Lacey Lett about his lucky opportunity to record at the famous Sun Records for a PBS special, what he thinks […]

  • Upcoming development west of downtown OKC to include music venue, brewery and food/beverage concept to name a few

    OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Just south of a canola oil plant is going to be a mixed use development on Northwest 2 and Western. On Tuesday, Oklahoma City council approved rezoning so the property can make its next steps. “We really like where the area is going and what it could be,” said Reed Jaskula, Fair Weather Friend Brewery owner. There’s not a lot on this block west of downtown Oklahoma City, but starting this summer, several businesses will move […]

  • Coffee shop to hire teens aging out of foster care

    YUKON, Okla. (KFOR) – A new dream is unfolding inside this old home on Main Street in Yukon. Rachel Smith plans to bring her food truck, the Red Bird Coffee Cart, into a permanent space and hire teens aging out of foster care to work through a referral system. “House a mentorship program and employment program for teenagers aging out of care. That we will be able to fill that gap as they transition into adulthood,” Smith said. She plans […]

  • Where are they now? Here are updates on children we’ve featured on “A Place to Call Home” from 2019

    OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – We have met more than 260 children since the Spring of 2015 and since then we try to keep up with how they’re doing. Each week DHS sends KFOR an update on where the children are in the adoption process, which takes several months. “And let me tell you, tears of joy are shed when I hear one of these wonderful children has found a permanent home,” said Lacey Lett. Now here’s an update for you: […]

  • 6-year-old boy loves polar bears, dancing to Michael Jackson and The Hulk. He’s looking for a permanent family

    OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Jaquone’s adoption worker says he is happiest when he’s dancing like Michael Jackson. This 6-year-old doesn’t say a lot, but his personality shines through. We took Jaquone to the Devon Ice Rink to try ice skating for the first time. Jaquone is a happy kid, and he’s ready to step on the ice for the very first time. “Do you like penguins?  Yeah they’re cute aren’t they?” Reporter Lacey Lett asked. “I like polar bears,” Jaquone […]

  • Pot Talk: Dueling recreational marijuana petitions aim for different regulations

    OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The battle is on to give Oklahomans recreational marijuana. On December 27, organizers filed a petition to get State Question 807 on the ballot. Co-author of SQ807, Michelle Tilley said they did research around the state before writing the petition. This comes after they withdrew SQ806 and made changes designed to better protections for the state’s medical marijuana industry. Cannabis Party OK filed an intent to protest with State Question 808, also filed on December 27. […]

  • The Children’s Hospital dealing with increase of RSV cases

    OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) –  The Children’s Hospital at OU Medicine is packed right now. “I will say I’ve been doing this a long time and this is the worst season I have seen for RSV in my career as a pediatrician,” Casey Hester, M.D., The Children’s Hospital Pediatrician, said. In December, The Children’s Hospital dealt with 85 RSV cases. “We’re on average seeing between 150 to 200 patients a day in the Children’s ER. Our normal census is running about […]

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