Peyton Yager joined the KFOR team in March of 2019. She was born in Friendswood, Texas – just outside of Houston. Prior to News 4, Peyton spent a year and a half at the NBC affiliate, KNWA, in Fayetteville, Arkansas. There, she was a MMJ reporter and eventually moved to weekend anchor, producer, and senior reporter.

While at KNWA, Peyton covered tornadoes, clergy sex scandals, and the legalization of medical marijuana in Arkansas. Peyton’s stories even reached national news including an impaired pathologist possibly misdiagnosing thousands of patients and a former Arkansas State Senator convicted of a kickback scheme during his term.

Peyton graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a double major in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science. During her undergrad, she held several internships. This includes at KXAN – NBC Austin during the 2016 United States presidential election and Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s Press Office.

While she isn’t working, Peyton likes to watch her favorite sports teams, head to spin classes, and explore her new home of Oklahoma City!

Feel free to send story ideas to and be sure to follow her on social media at @peytonyager.

Recent Articles
  • Gas station clerk fends off robbery suspect

    OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A gas station clerk became an overnight hero after going nose to nose with an armed robber who was demanding cash. Turns out, the seasoned employee was one step ahead of the crook. “I need a police officer,” the clerk said on the 911 call. “I’m being robbed.” “You’re being robbed,” the operator said. “I got a guy in here that’s… a guy got in here and he has a gun,” the clerk said on the […]

  • Metro woman steals car with teen girl locked inside; girl tells News 4 about her escape

    OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Metro police arrested a woman after investigators say she stole a car with a 15-year-old girl locked inside. The teen tells News 4 she put up a fight while begging the woman to let her out. “Someone stole the car,” the caller said. “Someone stole your car,” the 911 operator asked. “Yes! Please! Please,” the caller said. A quick after school visit to a relative turned into a trip of terror for Yulisa Carrillo. Her mom […]

  • Father of 2 murdered; his shocked family mourns, asks ‘why?’

    HARRAH, Okla. (KFOR) – A Harrah family is mourning the loss of 23-year-old Jacob O’Hagan after he was murdered Tuesday night. Investigators say a group of suspects got out their car and shot the father of two pointblank in the head. “I had to tell my granddaughters today, and that was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life,” Jason McLean said. The family was hit with the harsh reality late Monday night. Jacob O’Hagan, a father […]

  • Tecumseh teen talks to News 4 about crash that killed her friend and left her fighting for her own life

    BETHANY, Okla. (KFOR) – For the first time since a horrific car wreck in Tecumseh, Brooklynn Nixon is talking about her road to recovery after doctors told her family she likely wouldn’t survive. Her friend, Ryder Kinsey, lost his life while behind the wheel of the car. Police say he lost control of the car due to speed before it crashed into a fence. “It’s weird,” Brooklynn Nixon said. “It’s been so long. I just want to go back home.” […]

  • Stranger credited with getting Oklahoma family from burning home

    MOORE, Okla. (KFOR) – Thanksgiving dinner was interrupted for a family in Moore who had no clue their home was on fire. However, a random stranger just happened to be driving by who quickly called 911 and got the family out of the house. “Everybody was sitting around talking and cutting up and having a good time,” Randy Wooten said. But seconds later, smoke and sirens flooded a street in Moore. Neighbors sprung up from their dining room tables to see […]

  • Metro family fears they will be target of gang attack

    OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Police warned an innocent family to move out of their home and fast because they could be the next target in a drive-by shooting. Detectives told them the previous owner of the house was a gang member who never mentioned his enemies could be coming back for revenge. The new homeowners want the suspected gang members to know they are the ones who live at the address now. “My family is very scared at what could […]

  • John Marshall Middle School student beaten, harassed by other students on school bus

    OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A school bus brawl was caught on camera, leaving parents frightened to continue sending their children to John Marshall Middle School. “He’s getting beat up,” a student said in a video. “He’s getting beat up!” A middle school boy was left laying in a fetal position on the floor of a metro school bus. “I’m scared for him, and not only him, but my child as well because that could’ve been my child,” a metro mother […]

  • “I just want to know she’s safe…” Mother prays authorities find missing 18-year-old with autism

    OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Police are desperately searching for an 18-year-old with autism who hasn’t been seen in over three weeks. “I just want to know she’s safe and she’s fed and she’s ok and that she is taken care of,” Casey Helland said. The search is on for an 18-year-old with autism, Kaitlyn McKinney. Her mother tells News 4 she is taking it day by day. “Holding it together but by a very thin thread,” Helland said. Those days […]

  • Mustang teacher recorded reading aloud racial slur several times; student takes issue

    MUSTANG, Okla. (KFOR) – A metro school teacher was recorded saying a racial slur multiple times when reading aloud an assigned book. A student in the class hit record on her phone while asking the teacher several times to stop. The Mustang School District tells News 4 the book ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ will no long be read out loud due to the video going viral. “My grandma says ‘so it ain’t your fault,” the teacher read aloud from the […]

  • Enid residents heartbroken over jet crash that killed 2 airmen at Vance Air Force Base

    ENID, Okla. (KFOR) – Two airmen are dead after an accident during a routine landing at Vance Air Force Base, Thursday morning. Investigators are preserving the scene as much as they can, closing operations at least through the weekend. Base officials said on Thursday night that their first priority is caring for the families of the pilots and the community in Enid. In Enid, the sound of plane engines overhead is a given. “This doesn’t happen often,” Col. Corey Simmons […]

  • Metro home burglarized; suspect on camera stealing $15,000 worth of property

    OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A metro woman came home to find a surprise on her camera system. A strange man is seen breaking into her home and taking thousands of dollars worth of belongings from her bedroom. “Normally, I always check my motion alerts, but yesterday, I didn’t think anything of it,” Mikayla Oliver said. “It’s usually our cat or dog running around.” But for Mikayla Oliver it wasn’t her pet. It was a stranger in a black hoodie walking […]

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