Mexico’s president met with signs of support and protest in Juarez

Border Report

JUAREZ, Mexico (Border Report) — The president’s visit was met with signs of support and protest Friday in Juarez.

At Juarez International Airport, demonstrators called for Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to keep his hands off Chihuahua’s water. Some carried signs and called for arrests in the death of Jessica Silva, a farmer shot to death by the National Guard after the civilian takeover of the state’s largest dam.

Nearby, others carried signs in support of the president. “We have no complaints. We are greatful for what he has done for the working people,” said Carlos Gomez, who carried a bullhorn and lead cheers at the airport.

The president will visit a Juarez colonia Friday afternoon to tout his anti-poverty programs.

Lopez Obrador is set to meet with 50 residents at Centro de Salud B clinic in the low-income Tierra Nueva neighborhood of southeast Juarez, said Pedro Torres, a spokesman for the federal government in Juarez. The visit to the clinic is the only event the president has scheduled in Juarez, Torres said.

The event will not be open not media, but will be broadcast at 12:30 p.m. MST on YouTube, here.

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