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The Trauma Informed Academy Opens Educators' Program

Children learning in classroom

Children learning in classroom

Stress-lowering innovative hybrid program helps educators counter trauma as a natural part of teaching. Microtrainings available 24x7 with live calls or onsite.

NASHVILLE, TN, USA, September 19, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Stress-lowering innovative hybrid program helps educators counter trauma as a natural part of teaching. Microtrainings are available 24/7 with live calls or onsite.

“I’d helped educators in private schools learn relationally-based trauma-informed teaching strategies and how the neuroscience of learning helped make teaching easier as well as learning,” said Elizabeth Power, Founder of The Trauma Informed Academy. “What educator, administrator, and parent doesn’t want that?” Power’s work is the social transformation that results when people are both trauma-informed and trauma-responsive.

The TIA’s response during the pandemic was the development and testing of a hybrid program of self-study, as well as live training calls on a regular schedule, that passed this knowledge and skill on. In one location in Zambia serving children orphaned by AIDS or COVID-19, test score increases were double-digit. Educators reported realizing that their children weren’t the problem. They were trying to solve a problem with what had been labeled “bad behavior.” The culture and mood improved.

“It has made teaching a joy again,” commented one educator. Another said, “I remember the first time I heard you say children can’t learn when they are hungry, angry, isolated, or tired. I thought about my class. My heart melted. Thank you.” The learning is strength-based and present-focused. It supports reducing the psychological risks associated with exposure, It also supports the psychological skills needed for recovery identified by the NCPTSD and the core elements in EQ (Emotional Intelligence).

This program, available on a subscription basis, is part of ongoing Professional Development at schools in the US as well. The TIA offers learning for frontline workers In the mental health profession, education, customer service, and healthcare.

A fifth-generation educator and trauma survivor, Power’s evidence-informed work is used on every continent except Antarctica and was foundational in helping Japan craft a culturally relevant national model. Power is an Adjunct Instructor in Psychiatry at Georgetown University Medical Center. The TIA provides trauma-informed work developed through a multidisciplinary lens, delivering practical knowledge and tools.

For more information, contact Epower@elizabethpower.com, 615-714-6389, or schedule a call at https://calendly.com/epower.

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