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New Research from Aalborg University & Odense University Hospital Shed Light on Safer Safety Shoes

AALBORG, DENMARK, September 20, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Tripping, twisting, and falling are common injuries in the workplace. New research from Aalborg University and Odense University Hospital reveals that traditional safety shoes might increase the risk of such injuries compared to regular shoes. Fortunately, solutions are potentially on the horizon to make safety shoes safer. A research project in collaboration between Odense University Hospital, Aalborg University, and Spraino ApS aims to provide new insights into how safety shoes can be made safer.

"At Odense University Hospital, we're not only interested in improving the treatment of patients after a fall has occurred but also in preventing accidents and thereby enhancing the physical work environment," says Anders Holsgaard, professor at Odense University Hospital and the University of Southern Denmark. He is the overall head of the research project, which includes both lab tests and field studies with TDC, Denmark's largest telecommunications provider.

"Our initial results show that safety shoes are, in fact, less safe than ordinary shoes when it comes to tripping. However, our project also seeks to improve safety shoes to prevent tripping, twisting, and falling injuries, making them safer. Fortunately, our initial results with modified safety shoes suggest that we can make these shoes less prone to tripping," explains Professor Pascal Madeleine from Aalborg University.

"Moreover, previous research indicates that we can integrate protection against ankle twists into shoes, thus preventing such injuries," says Director and Doctor Thor Grønlykke from Spraino ApS.

Lab tests offer specific knowledge about the safety shoes of the future. "We are concluding our lab tests. These tests provide us with knowledge about the forces involved when one trips over unforeseen objects and give us specific information on the potential features of future safety shoes compared to traditional ones," shares Mathias Munk-Hansen, a PhD student at Aalborg University.

The field studies, testing a new type of safety shoes with fall-modifying elements, will take place with TDC Net Field Service West.

"This project provides us with new knowledge that can benefit our employees and help numerous other workplaces. We are delighted to participate," says Thomas Hermann, Health and Safety Chief at TDC. This is complemented by workplace representative Tonny Jensen and service chief in fiber, Ole Kjær, who stress the strong focus on safety at the workplace, especially regarding falls, twists, and trips.

For more information about the research, click here or contact the below project representatives.

Professor, Anders Holsgaard Larsen, tel. +45 26503912, AHLarsen@health.sdu.dk
Professor Pascal Madeleine, tel. +45 30553633, pm@hst.aau.dk
Ph.D. Fellow Mathias Munk-Hansen, tel. +45 29804233, mathiasmh@hst.aau.dk
Spraino ApS, Thor Grønlykke, tel. +45 27601430, thor@spraino.com

About the project: The project is supported by the Work Environment Research Fund with 2.8 million DKK. Participating in the project are Odense University Hospital, Aalborg University, and Spraino ApS. Other participants include TDC, Dansk Metal (a major Danish trade union), and Dansk Industri (Denmark's largest employer organization).

Professor, Anders Holsgaard Larsen
Aalborg University
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