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WYNNEWOOD, Okla. (KFOR) – KFOR wants to spotlight Remarkable Women in Oklahoma! After receiving a flood of nominations, we have 4 finalists for our Remarkable Women in Oklahoma spotlight. This is the second in the series until we reveal the winner on March 30th.

Just less than 2,000 people call Wynnewood home, but in this small town, big things are happening.

“If I put God first, if I seek Him first, then everything else seems to fall into place,” Sharon Thomas said.

Sharon was a caregiver for nearly 30 years before she retired, but she’s now even busier after retirement, while still caring for others.

With the help of fellow church members at Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, Sharon operated a free monthly clothing drive for three years.

She named it “The Closet,” after hearing that children in local schools had a need.

“It gives me pleasure, it’s what God requires us to do – to serve others, it’s just who I am,” she said.

“The Closet” clothing drive at Mt. Carmel Baptist Church. Photo provided by Sharon Thomas.

Also at her church, Sharon has organized holiday meals for anyone needing food or company.

Thanksgiving meal organized by Sharon and church members at Mt. Carmel Baptist Church. Photo provided by Sharon Thomas.

“People come and they help, it’s nothing I’m doing on my own. Everything I do is God.”

And it’s also at her church where Sharon organizes three blood drives each year.

Her husband, Scott, is always first in line.

Scott Thomas, Sharon’s husband, giving blood. Photo provided by Sharon Thomas.

Scott isn’t just Sharon’s husband of 44 years, he’s also a veteran, which is what inspired her for another good deed. Sharon teamed up with Wreaths Across America to decorate the graves of Wynnewood’s heroes.

“My oldest brother, Rob, served. My husband served, and I had two other brothers that served,” Sharon said. “We have two Black cemeteries out in the country here in Wynnewood. And it’s always been a passion of mine, and it’s appreciation.”

Wreaths Across America in Wynnewood. Photo provided by Sharon Thomas.

Sharon beams with pride when talking about her passion to help others.

But behind her beautiful smile are years of healing. In just two years, Sharon lost five family members – two sisters, her mother, her brother-in-law and her nephew.

“Mentally, how – how was I going to to make it through it?” Sharon wondered at the time.

All of that loss might make some turn away from God. But Sharon ran toward her faith. And in the midst of all that pain, she co-wrote a devotional with her sister-in-law, Cecilyn J. Washington, called “Peace in the Midst of It All.”

Together, the grieving women found comfort while writing each page, and wanted to share that peace with others who are also suffering loss.

Peace in the Midst of It All, written by Sharon Thomas and her sister-in-law Cecilyn J. Washington.

“I believe that God is doing something through me that I don’t understand,” Sharon said.

And for all the good that Sharon is doing, her husband Scott nominated her for Remarkable Women of Oklahoma.

“She’s the real MVP,” Scott said. “I was told a long time ago that it’s a poor frog that doesn’t praise his own pond. And what would I be if I didn’t acknowledge my wife and the things that she did? I don’t want to be a poor frog,” he said laughing.

Sharon’s family calls her a “silent servant,” wanting no spotlight for her kind acts. Instead, Sharon points above, where she gives all the glory.

“God has been good to me,” Sharon said.