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NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – An OU Ballet student has gone viral on TikTok. Her video, which garnered over a million views, captured a special moment for the ballerina: unboxing a new pair of pointe shoes that were made just for her.

“I mean, look at this! Look at this! It’s like my skin tone! It’s brown! I can’t wait to wear these,” said OU freshman, Kira Robinson, in the TikTok. “This is so exciting because this means I don’t have to pancake my shoes anymore.”

For the last twelve years, Robinson has sponged her pointe shoes with foundation to match the color of her skin. The tedious process is the only option for ballerinas of color, as up until now, pointe shoes only came in pink.

“I think that diversity is super important and the ballet world needs to recognize that and start making progress and do more to include people of color and, you know, brown ballerinas,” said Robinson.

Robinson wanted to share with the world her excitement about the revolutionary moment, but she had no idea the impact it would make.

“I did not think that it would blow up,” said Robinson. “Like, I didn’t expect that at all.”

Robinson said her TikTok has brought on a whole new level of attention, as she now often gets recognized around campus and even while on the go. Plus, it has opened up another opportunity with the brand, Suffolk, that created the pointe shoes.

“We’re planning on doing a photoshoot together,” said Robinson. “Yeah, I’m really excited about that because I love Suffolk. I love the company. They’re really great and they’re really great people, as well.”

OU freshman ballet student, Kira Robinson, dances in a studio on campus. (Photo: KFOR)

Robinson is already on her second pair of the new pointe shoes. She told News 4 her dream is to become a professional ballerina.