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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Otherworldly. That is the way artist Sean Vali describes his style.

“Some other dimension where things aren’t just normal, you know? Just try to push something,” said Vali. “I’m not looking at something to draw. You just try to come up with something that’s interesting and make a lot of interesting settings.”

A collaboration with Dallas muralist, Joe Skilz, this piece paints a one of a kind picture.

“We put together this wild, interdimensional caterpillar with some space flowers and an elephant medicine man traveler on a mission,” said Vali. “We love creating an odd world. Something that we don’t see a lot of times, something you could put a story to that you might not know the story yet, until you make the piece.”

Vali has shared his art with Oklahoma City for over a decade, his work changing over the years as his style evolved.

“You start building this catalog of things that you draw over and over again until I think later in life you start putting all those things together and then you kind of just have a big collage,” said Vali.

Vali said he is proud to be part of the growing Oklahoma art scene.

“It’s really fun to watch a city like this grow and to be a part of anything that is really pushing it forward,” said Vali. “There’s so many talented artists in Oklahoma.”

You can visit Sean Vali’s mural through Fall 2021. It is located in the Plaza Walls alley near NW 16th and Indiana.

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