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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – While taking a stroll next to the serene water at the Bricktown Canal you will meet this bright contrast: “Grow” by artist Tiffany McKnight, a mural accompanied by an LED light display.

“This whole entire piece completely transforms when you come out at night,” said McKnight. “More people are starting to slow down as they pass under this bridge and really take the time to take in art and kind of appreciate that there are artists here in Oklahoma.”

This mural has a unique twist: It’s made of vinyl.

McKnight drew the illustration digitally and then had it printed and installed.

“Vectorizing is kind of an aspect of the future because you can create so many things,” said McKnight. “It’s kind of this whole process of blending technology with hand illustration.”

The expanded illustration is a blend of McKnight’s style and bright colors.

“Sinuous lines and organic shapes that exist on a macro level in our world and kind of blowing that up and making it hypervisible for our eye,” said McKnight. “There’s so much subtle influence in the power of color, and so that is something that I highly utilize in a lot of my work that I’ve done.”

McKnight, always evolving as an artist, said she knew she would make her way into the mural scene.

“I’ve always known I just want to go bigger and continue to grow, which is kind of what this piece is all about, is taking my work and continuing to expand and share my voice and my talents with this community,” said McKnight.

You can visit “Grow” at the Bricktown Canal, located near Wanda Jackson Way and Mickey Mantle Drive.

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