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NORMAN, Okla. (KFOR) – Flying high above Main Street is Rick Sinnett’s “Norman RedTail Hawk.” He drew the piece as a teen, never imagining one day he would make it into a mural.

“To me, I personally feel as if the Red-tailed hawk is just as representative of the state of Oklahoma as the Scissortail, and so I drew this piece and I’ve always loved it,” said Sinnett.

Prior to “Norman RedTail Hawk” Sinnett had never attempted a large-scale mural. His assistant at the time recommended he utilize a giant stencil to achieve the precise lines. Now, stencils have become a staple.

“That’s how I do all of my pieces, is with stencils,” said Sinnett. “So all of my pieces that I paint are essentially a fine art print painted as a giant mural.”

Eighty-five feet to the top and one hundred feet across, Sinnett’s mural is full of Oklahoma imagery.

“I always use nonsubjective imagery. Usually it’s state symbols: The state bird, the state flower, the state butterfly,” said Sinnett.

Like his many other pieces, Sinnett usually opts to display them in unlikely places.

“I like finding places that seem to be kind of off the beaten path, because I feel as if, you know, Oklahoma’s so beautiful and there’s so many neat places that we could venture to that aren’t on the main path,” said Sinnett. “I like the idea of trying to drive people or steer people in the areas that are just as cool as the main path, but they may not go otherwise.”

You can visit “Norman RedTail Hawk” off Main Street and Peters in Norman, just look in the direction opposite the flow of traffic.

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