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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Beautifying Oklahoma City, one mural at a time. Well, in this case, it’s several murals.

They’ll be installed throughout Manuel Perez Park, replacing the graffiti with original works from Oklahoma artists.

“Total makeover,” said Randy Marks, Public Art Project Manager with the City of Oklahoma City. “They’ll look entirely new.”

The restrooms, the storage containers and even parts of the skatepark will get an upgrade. Come May the graffiti will be gone, replaced with murals.

“It’s going to be a gorgeous project and we expect a lot of people to go out of their way and come see this project,” said Marks.

The artists in charge of this transformation: Kris Kanaly, Carlos Barboza, Tony Thunder and Jose Scott.

“We’re super thankful that the City’s given us this opportunity,” said Kanaly. “They’ve been very collaborative with us, as far as allowing real skate culture type of graphics to be painted here. Nothing homogenized, commercialized. So we’re super thankful for the City working with us and choosing us.”

The artists blended their unique styles for the collaboration.

“Our artwork had to be very, very much in the vein of skate culture and BMX,” said Barboza. “So, I mean, that’s always a good starting point to where how do we mix these different styles to create something truly original and unique and also stay true to what culture we’re working for.”

This project was approved by the Oklahoma City Council using funding from the 1% for Art budget.

The hope is that the art will encourage more people to enjoy the park and prevent vandalism from happening to the City property in the future.

The artists are expected to start work the second week of April and finish sometime in May 2021.