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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – So far, 1,800 Afghan refugees have been confirmed to enter Oklahoma. Upon their arrival to the U.S., various nonprofits, such as CAIR Oklahoma and Catholic Charities Oklahoma City, have already publicly committed to supporting them once they arrive.

Per CAIR Oklahoma’s website, the agency is seeking a variety of donations to help them while they transition to Oklahoma, including:

  • Phones, tablets
  • Adult Clothing
  • PPE
  • Hygiene Products
  • Baby Products
  • Children’s Goods
  • Winter gear

CAIR Oklahoma also told KFOR that they are seeking a donation of a warehouse or storage unit that they will use to sort and catalog large-sized donations.

CAIR Oklahoma also lists transportation and welcome committees on their site as resources that will be available to the Afghan refugees.

Volunteers will be available to drive families to appointments and errands, and CAIR Oklahoma is already seeking other volunteers to meet families at the airport and transport them to their new homes.

KFOR asked a CAIR Oklahoma representative where the refugees will call home and approximately when will they arrive, however those logistics were not ready to be shared at this time.

Out of the first group of 37,000 Afghan refugees entering the United States, the allocation in numbers to different states varies greatly, which the greatest number, 5,300, headed to California, and the least, 10, each going to Mississippi and Alabama, according to a report from Axios.

Upon the announcement of the incoming refugees to Oklahoma, Governor Stitt shared this response:

“We’ve vetted all the folks and we’re excited to welcome them,” said Gov. Kevin Stitt “We’re excited to open up our arms… We’re excited to welcome them and show them the Oklahoma standard.”