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EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – Racism against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders is nothing new, but it is on the rise.

Over a year ago, COVID-19 rapidly spread throughout our world… Blame, spreading along with it, falsely given to the community.

Recently, there has been a rise in attacks against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders: from a shooting in Atlanta that killed eight people, to random acts of violence committed on the street.

But the hate has gone on far longer than the coronavirus pandemic.

Edmond resident, Mary Nhin, recalls growing up in Texas, where she first encountered racism.

“I was only six years old,” said Nhin. “It was in my front yard and a little girl had just shouted some racial slurs and then she made some slanted eye gestures.”

Nhin’s parents had to explain to their daughter why someone who did not know her, did not like her. She said over time her default reaction to racism became working harder. Little did she know that drive would turn into a successful career as an author.

“Because of what I went through as a child, I wanted to raise awareness and empower and inspire kids that they have a voice to stand up for what is right or what they believe is wrong,” said Nhin.

Nhin’s Ninja Life Hacks book series tackles many issues kids face, such as dealing with emotions and even navigating the pandemic… The pages, offering transparency about the changes within our world, but also a reminder to be kind to all.

“As an author that is my greatest hope, is to empower children to use their voice for good,” said Nhin.

Nhin said she and her family have thankfully not experienced any racist incidents recently, but know that is not the case for others of Asian heritage, which is what inspired her to make a post on Facebook speaking out against the targeted hate.

“I have not experienced anything lately, but I know that there are many incidents that are happening around the world, not just our nation,” said Nhin. “So it has inspired me to raise awareness.”

Nhin told News 4 that we all have a voice- let’s use it for good.