(KTLA) – Snoop Dogg has moved into the ranks of doggie treats! Can the dogs get a “ruff ruff”!

In tackling Hollywood, the cannabis industry, breakfast cereal, and now pet accessories Snoop Doggie Doggs is the latest business venture.

The pet accessory line includes dog apparel, plush toys, bowls, leashes, and more. Don’t fret cat lovers, the line isn’t limited to man’s best friend. There is something for feline friends as well. Meowwww!

The items pull “inspiration from Snoop’s lifestyle and encourages pet owners everywhere to spoil their dogs (and cats alike) to live like royalty in their everyday lives,” the announcement read.

Sizes for the apparel range from XS to XL as well as “big dog size” and cost between $14.99 to $99.99. The items will be sold on the Snoop Doggie Doggs website and on Amazon.

Snoop, whose real name is Calvin Broadus Jr., jumped into this space to make his canine companions match his energy.

“If my dogs ain’t fresh I ain’t fresh. These dogs and their apparel are a reflection of Tha Dogg himself, so they gotta look the role of a Top Dog, ya dig?!?!” said the “Drop It Like It’s Hot” artist.

Continuing the Broadus empire it’s clear Snoop Dogg has his mind on his money, and his money on his mind. The line is in partnership with SMAC Entertainment and Little Earth Productions, Inc.