Anti-smoking legislation ignites again at Capitol

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Anti-smoking legislation has ignited again at the State Capitol.

A measure giving cities the authority to ban smoking on all city-owned property passed the senate Wednesday on a vote of 44 to 1.

That includes parks and sporting complexes.

Sen. Frank Simpson sponsored the legislation after the attorney general ruled municipalities did not have the statutory authority to ban smoking.

Supporters of the measure said people shouldn’t be subjected to the dangers of secondhand smoke on public property.

Sen. Rob Johnson, R – Yukon, said, “Giving the city the abilities to regulate what they do with their own property, I think, is a no-brainer and I think that’s why it passed so easily.”

The measure now heads to the house for consideration.

An earlier anti-smoking measure died at the State Capitol.

It would have allowed cities to craft their own anti-smoking laws.

Many bar owners had criticized that bill.

Meanwhile, there is a statewide petition, “Don’t Smoke On Me,” that would place a new anti-smoking measure on a statewide ballot.


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