Doctors say time to start thinking about flu shots

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Flu season doesn’t usually get rolling until November but experts say it’s not too early to start protecting ourselves, especially children.

‘Tis the season to begin school, Fall sports like football and, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, it’s also the perfect time to start thinking about getting kids their flu vaccine.

The annual flu vaccine usually protects against three strains of the flu virus.

This year, some of the injections will protect against four; two a-strains and two b-strains that are likely to be circulating this fall.

In theory, the ability to protect against four strains of the flu sounds better than just three but there’s no data yet to suggest one will end up being more beneficial than the other.

Vanderbilt University’s Dr. William Schaffner said, “What we’re a little concerned about is that people will start getting picky and then will avoid getting vaccinated and they’ll be susceptible to illness.”

Picky kids who don’t like getting shots do have the option of getting the nasal spray version.

Parents may be interested to learn the flu mist this year will cover all four strains.

The hope is that a little prevention now will help keep them healthy the rest of the year.



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