Exercise routine: Are you really able to get rid of those ‘love handles?’

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Love can be sweet and welcomed when it’s in the form of chocolate, flowers or a card for Valentine’s Day.

However, there’s a different form that shows up uninvited.

Love handles affect millions of people and can be difficult to lose.

Avril James-Hurt, an exercise physiologist, said, “Men tend to have a fat distribution that starts at the belly and kind of lowers and wraps around to the back.  Women’s start at the back and descend over the buttocks and thighs.”

She says most people think there are moves they can do to target the area.

Many people tend to focus on twisting motions to the side but experts say that probably won’t help as much as you think.

Hurt said, “All of the core exercises are really important to postural health and overall appearances of tone. However, those love handles and the abdominal fat are on top of those muscles. And abdominal fat, because of it’s proximity to the heart, is more inclined to be the fat that is blocking the arteries of the cardiovascular system, blocking your coronary arteries, affecting your heart health.”

All cardio exercises can help end the relationship but to really combat the fat, she suggests high-intensity interval training.

She said, “It is the alternating of a very high intensity either speed or resistance, short burst of exercise with another short rest period. And going back and forth between those two for a certain amount of time. ”

Of course, following a healthy diet also plays a role.

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