New procedure targets individual follicles to battle hair loss

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A new way to battle hair loss is causing waves among men.

Artas is a robotic hair transplantation system that uses a man’s individual hair follicles to regrow hair in places where it was lost.

The process begins with shaving the back of the head to harvest healthy hair.

Instead of taking a strip of scalp, the robotic system removes individual hair follicles.

Dr. Robert Leonard, with Hair Transplant Associates, said, “So I can see exactly where the next harvest will be. And if I don’t like where that harvest is, for example, if there’s a prior scar or something, I can skip over that one and go to the next one. So we transplanted this entire area, the frontal third and the middle third of his head.”

Small hairs will grow initially but then fall out.

However, within six months, patients should notice results.

Experts say it’s a great procedure for men who wear their hair very short because it doesn’t leave a mark.

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