Salmonella warning: Beware of baby chicks

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This time of year, health officials said to beware of chicks.

They may look cute and cuddly but state health authorities warn these little creatures often carry salmonella, bacteria that can cause some serious stomach issues.

Live baby poultry may not look sick but the bacteria can still be spread by holding, cuddling or kissing the birds, even their cages, feed or water bowls.

State health authorities said if you do come in contact with baby poultry, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

If you have one for a pet, don’t let baby birds roam freely, keep them in a designated area.

Avoid eating or drinking around any birds and make sure to wash pacifiers and toys that might come in contact with birds or their enclosures.

Your best bet is to give a soft toy animal for an Easter gift as a safer alternative.


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