Former Trump aide Cassidy Hutchinson alleged in her new book that Rudy Giuliani groped her backstage during former President Trump’s rally on Jan. 6, 2021, just hours before the riot on the Capitol.

Hutchinson accused Giuliani, who served as Trump’s former personal attorney, of moving his hand “under my blazer, then my skirt,” in an excerpt reviewed by The Guardian.

“I feel his frozen fingers trail up my thigh,” she writes. “He tilts his chin up. The whites of his eyes look jaundiced. My eyes dart to John Eastman, who flashes a leering grin. I fight against the tension in my muscles and recoil from Rudy’s grip … filled with rage, I storm through the tent, on yet another quest for Mark [Meadows].”

Meadows, then Trump’s chief of staff, was Hutchinson’s boss at the time.

The book, titled “Enough,” chronicles her experience as a close White House aide and her move to become a key witness in the House hearings surrounding the Jan. 6 insurrection.

A spokesman for Giuliani called the allegations a “disgusting lie.”

“It’s fair to ask Cassidy Hutchinson why she is just now coming out with these allegations from two and a half years ago, as part of the marketing campaign for her upcoming book release,” spokesman Ted Goodman said in a statement. 

“This is a disgusting lie against Mayor Rudy Giuliani — a man whose distinguished career in public service includes taking down the Mafia, cleaning up New York City and comforting the nation following September 11th,” he said.

Giuliani, who is also the former mayor of New York City, has been embroiled in legal and financial difficulty in recent months, including a $10 million sexual assault lawsuit filed in May. 

The suit claims Giuliani assaulted one of his former employees starting in 2019, including “unlawful abuses of power, wide-ranging sexual assault and harassment, wage theft and other misconduct,” the suit reads.

“He made clear that satisfying his sexual demands—which came virtually anytime, anywhere—was an absolute requirement of her employment and of his legal representation,” the lawsuit reads.

Giuliani has denied those allegations.

He was also among the 18 people charged alongside the former president in the vast Georgia racketeering case, as well as included as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Justice Department’s federal election case. Both cases surround Trump’s alleged effort to remain in power after losing the 2020 election to President Biden.

Giuliani is one of the defendants who reportedly requested money from Trump for his legal defense.

The former attorney also faces two defamation suits related to the 2020 election, both from voting equipment companies, and lost a third from a mother-daughter duo serving as election workers in Georgia. In addition, he faces disbarment proceedings in New York and Washington.

He was also sued by his former attorneys this week, demanding $1.4 million in outstanding legal fees.