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TULSA, Okla. (KFOR) – A second lawsuit filed in Tulsa County on Monday to require Center for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines be enforced in the BOK Center was denied Tuesday evening.

The state is just days away from thousands packing the venue in downtown Tulsa. This is one of two lawsuits filed. One is a petition that was filed with the Oklahoma Supreme Court by Tulsa mayoral candidate Paul Tay asking Gov. Kevin Stitt to consider the potential risks associated with a large indoor rally during a pandemic.

This second lawsuit was on behalf of four plaintiffs. Greenwood Centre Ltd. John Hope Franklin Center for Reconciliation and two individuals by the name of Shannon Martin and Bim Stephen Bruner. The suit was filed against SMG and ASM Global Parent, Inc.

The lawsuit was filed in an effort to require CDC guidelines be enforced inside the BOK Center at Trumps rally Saturday.

“Such a collection of people in such tight quarters would result in a super spreader event,” said Clark Brewster, an attorney in the lawsuit. “There’s a consensus from medical experts across the country that have warned and have told us about this.”

These guidelines include wearing masks, social distancing and proper sanitization. The mayor of Tulsa GT Bynum spoke out on Facebook Tuesday afternoon. He said the event makes him anxious, but the city has followed reopening guidelines since May 1. So he will “not attempt to block the state government or the President of the United States by invoking the local civil emergency authority in our city ordinance.”

“This lawsuit is not about the president, it’s not about shutting down the rally,” said Paul DeMuro, a second attorney in the lawsuit.

The BOK Center released a statement Tuesday evening that said, in part, “Government officials had advised that the campaign rally as planned is consistent with the guidance for the open up and recover safely plan for entertainment venues.”

This has come as the state has seen a surge in cases. Tuesday saw the highest jump in positive cases over a 24 hour period with 228 new cases.

“The rally organizers even knew enough about the risk that they’re asking people who attend to sign a waiver,” Brewster said.

“The CDC has said unequivocally that this is the highest risk event for transmission of the virus,” DeMuro said.

Clark Brewster is well known for having previously represented Stormy Daniels, the adult film actress who claimed to have had a sexual relationship with Trump.