BELFAST, Northern Ireland (KFOR/Storyful) – WARNING: Grab the tissues before watching the video! A mom in Ireland surprised her daughter before her tenth birthday by presenting her with a balloon that read, “Mummy is cancer-free,” after the mom had fought a rare form of cancer. Her daughter burst into tears of joy, calling it her “best birthday ever.”

Leeanne O’Donoghue of Belfast, Northern Ireland, had her daughter, Eireann, close her eyes until the big reveal, with mom holding the balloon.

At first, Eireann was grateful for the balloon, thinking it was just for her birthday. Then, Leeanne told her to read the words. “Mummy… (gasp) Are you cancer-free?!” “Yes!” her mom replied, as the two burst into tears of joy, clinging to one another.

“Is that, like, the best birthday present ever?” Leeanne asked Eireann, who promptly agreed.

According to BelfastLive, Leeanne experienced severe pain when seated and was eventually diagnosed in April with a rare form of vaginal cancer. The tumor also encroached on the lining of her bladder.

She underwent six weeks of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, which she described as “soul-destroying.”

Leeanne told BelfastLive that she had put off cervical screenings for ten years, and now wants to encourage others to not make the same mistake.

“It really could save your life and pick up something early. I know that I am a very lucky person, but some people aren’t so lucky and I am very aware of that,” Leeanne said.