ASCENSION PARISH, Louisiana (KFOR/Storyful) – A 100-year-old pet tortoise named Biscuit took full advantage of slowly exploring a whole new world after his owner’s fence blew over in a storm in Louisiana on August 30.

When someone owns a giant, century-old African tortoise, word usually travels fast, so when folks in Ascension Parish saw social media posts describing the wayward animal, Biscuit’s owner was quickly notified.

Lamoine Howard says he never knew Biscuit was even missing, but was reunited with his ancient pet the same day, after Ascension Parish animal control officers rescued the big guy, who they say appeared to be “in distress” near a canal.

Land tortoises cannot swim, and officers removed Biscuit from about a foot of water, according to local reports.

Officers took Biscuit to a local animal shelter. Video at the top of this story shows Biscuit slowly exiting the shelter, but getting into his owner’s vehicle was another story. “I wish he could jump in,” Howard said, after lifting his 80-pound pet into his vehicle for the ride home.

It’s a good thing Howard can move faster than Biscuit – had he not picked up his pet from the shelter within three days, Biscuit would have been placed for adoption.

Though shelter employees said Biscuit appears to be 100-years-old, Howard is unsure of Biscuit’s true age.

Biscuit has only been part of the Howard family for the past seven years, when Howard bought Biscuit from a friend for a birthday gift for his daughter, according to reports.