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OKLAHOMA CITY — A Texas based oil company is one step closer to drilling 12 new oil wells in a metro neighborhood.

Trey Resources Inc. requested their drilling variances from the OKC Board of Adjustments on Thursday, hoping to drill the wells near 134th St. and S. Western.

Several people living in the area filed into City Hall to defend the area they call home.

“It’s a really nice neighborhood, I love living there,” one resident said.

On the other side of the aisle, sat Trey Resources Inc.

Six of the 12 new oil and gas wells they intend to drill will be used for fracking.

“We’re mindful of the protestants, especially the personal homeowners. Hopefully, as we develop the property, we’ll be able to do it in a fashion that is least invasive to them,” said David M. Thomas III, president/CEO of Trey Resources, Inc.

One by one, experts, lawyers, and homeowners took to the mic to weigh in.

“I have several concerns, first and primary concerns would be for property value in the area. I think it will have a negative impact on property values,” resident Bill Mitchell said.

After hours of deliberation, board members voiced their concern.

“With all due respect to the experts that Trey has provided, I continue to be just as concerned as I ever was about fracking,” explained board member Janis Powers during the meeting. “The issue of what is in the public interest is very slippery.”

In the end, the board decided to move forward.

They approved the variance…under the condition that the wells be enclosed by an 8-foot-tall fence, and be surrounded by trees and shrubbery.

“We’re pleased, we’re very happy that the board of adjustment is going to allow us to develop our hydrocarbons that we think that we have the right,” David Thomas said.
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