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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR)  – A 12-year-old girl made a enormous donation to people who are struggling during the COVID-19 crisis and she hopes it will inspire similar kindness in others.

Abagail Kana lives with her aunt, Angela Kana-Veydovec, in Denver, but the two are Ponca City natives.

They still have strong family ties to Oklahoma, like Abagail’s other aunt, Kyndol Ray, a Tulsa nurse practitioner, and her uncle, Chris Kana, the owner of Oklahoma City restaurants Cafe 7 and The Hamilton.

“We had a couple conversations about how our family is struggling because they all kind of work in the restaurant industry or the doctors,” Abagail said. “I know that they probably don’t get a lot of breaks right now.”

Since the pandemic began, she and her aunt have watched industries struggle, and they wanted to help their loved ones and frontline fighters alike.

“We reached out and said we can help you, and this will be the first of however many,” Angela said. “and then Abagail says, ‘Well, I can help, too,’ and so we did.”

Angela pledged $1,000 to start, and 12-year-old Abagail pledged her life savings, $1,500 she had saved up from birthdays, holidays, and her allowance.

In total, the two sent $2,500 to Cafe 7 and the Hamilton to in turn cater meals for Mercy Hospital healthcare workers.

“I felt really grateful for what I have, and that I was able to be able to do that and that they get to have what they need right now,” Abagail said.

It’s a spirit of generosity they hope continues after the crisis fades but the need for charity remains.

“We can’t just be selfish about our things,” Abagail said. “We do need to be sympathetic.”