OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Hazel is 12 years old. She’s a mild-mannered preteen who loves to read a good book and draw in her notebook.

We took Hazel to Martin Park Nature Center to get inspired by the great outdoors.

“I like to walk in nature and stuff, and I love dodge ball and basketball,” Hazel said.

Hazel also loves drawing, and of course Martin Park Nature Center provides some beautiful scenery to get those creative juices flowing.

“This is grass and a valley with a stream in it and then there’s rocks on the side and then there’s just a pretty sunset in the sky,” Hazel said.

More than just drawing — this 12 year old actually has a lot of interests. Her biggest passion though is reading.

“This ghost and this ghost hunter who fall in love,” Hazel said.

It’s probably no surprise hazel’s favorite subject is English.

“How many books did you read last year?” Reporter Lacey Lett asked.
“About 200,” Hazel said.

This bookworm loves shopping too, especially when it comes to buying sneakers.
And like most kids her age, she also likes to watch a little TV — including our own “place to call home” segments.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” Lett asked.
“A foster parent.”
Tell me a little bit more about that,”
“Because I see all of the kids on ‘A Place to Call Home,’ and it makes me sad because they don’t have a home like I do, and I want to put them before me.”

Hazel herself is in foster care, she was placed in state care two years ago. She’d love to find a mom and dad someday soon.

“Why would you like to have a permanent home?” Lett asked.
“So I could have a family to call mom and dad and I could have aunts and uncles and grandparents and stuff like that. I have that now but just people to call mom and dad.”

She told me her mom passed away when she was just six  and she hasn’t spoken to her biological father in a long time.
Ideally Hazel would like to live in the city and have her own bedroom.

“I’d just prefer to have my own room because I have a mom box in my room now that has all the stuff from her funeral and I don’t want anyone going through that,” Hazel said.

She’s a girl waiting for a new chapter in her life to begin. One that will bring a happy ending and a place to call home.

Your best shot at adopting a child is to go ahead and get the process started. It can take a few months to get approved. For all of the details contact the DHS hotline at 1-800-376-9729 or visit online.

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