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RIPLEY, Okla. – A 15-year-old Oklahoma girl accused in the murder of her mother’s boyfriend pleaded no contest in connection to the 2016 homicide.

In April 2016, Makayla Brown, then 14, shot and killed 45-year-old Mario Smith Sr. inside of his Ripley, Okla. home.

Smith was found lying face down on his kitchen floor in a pool of blood.

Officials say the girl knew the man because he’d been in a relationship with her mother.

Court records show Makayla Brown and her mother were at Smith’s home with several friends the night of April 19th.

One woman told investigators she saw Brown shoot Smith once in the head.

She said she thought it might be “because a month earlier, Mario had pistol whipped Makayla’s mother in the head.”

Smith has been in his own trouble before.

He’s a convicted felon who had been arrested on a slew of charges for drugs, racketeering, assault and battery, and concealing stolen property.

He was due in court the very next morning after he was killed.

The district attorney originally charged Brown as an adult.

However, Brown’s legal counsel reached an agreement with the district attorney to try the girl as a youthful offender.

This week, the Stillwater girl pleaded no contest to the first-degree murder charge.

No plea agreement was in place.

According to the Stillwater News Press, Judge Stephen Kistler ordered a pre-sentence investigation that the Oklahoma Office of Juvenile Affairs (OJA) will conduct and produce to the court prior to a sentencing hearing scheduled for 10 a.m. Sept. 8.