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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Charges have been filed in Oklahoma County against a 17-year-old who was driving a vehicle involved in a fatal accident, which killed a 16-year-old in July.  

KFOR is not naming the 17-year-old because he is a minor.  

Oklahoma City Police say the crash happened July 7 around 4:30 in the morning.  

Police say the car was headed West on Northwest 150th towards Rockwell when the driver lost control and hit another vehicle head-on. The car then went into a ditch, where it caught on fire.  

The 17-year-old driver was allegedly going between 99 and 106 miles per hour. Police say he also had a blood alcohol level of .074.  

Seven different charges are now brought against him, including second-degree murder, first-degree manslaughter and driving under the influence.

According to court documents, his license had been previously suspended before the accident.  

Scott Adams, an attorney representing the Watson family, says in the months since the accident, he’s uncovered evidence which he says proves the driver is guilty.

“During our investigation we’ve turned up a number of instances where he was drinking alcohol while he was driving,” said Adams.

Adams says he doesn’t believe Watson had been drinking and that the driver put both of their lives in danger.

“Most importantly, is his speeding and out of control behavior to the point that he was driving like a complete wild man.”

Adams says the 17-year-old was allegedly caught on camera going 100 mph on the night of the crash. He says the video circulated on social media.  

Adams, telling News 4 the driver’s alleged habit of speeding was why his license had already been suspended by police.  

“This kid had been out there speeding all over Oklahoma County on a number of instances. He’s only 17! Do you know how hard it is to get your license suspended for just speeding? It’s very difficult,” said Adams.  

The alcohol from that night was allegedly bought by another individual, who Adams says is freshly 21 years old.  

As of now, that individual has not been charged with any crimes.

“He knowingly purchased all of this and minors consumed the alcohol…He’s still out there. We’ll wait and see what happens with him,” he said.  

Adams says the family of Cole Watson is now suing the family of the 17-year-old driver and will consider a suit against the individual who purchased the alcohol.  

KFOR contacted the 17-year-old’s attorney for comment and his side of the story but our calls were not returned.