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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A search warrant reveals new details about the gruesome death of 19-year-old Carina Saunders.

Investigators say she may have known her attackers were coming for her and she was desperately looking for help.

In October of 2011, Saunders’ head along with dismembered portions of her body were found in Bethany.

Eight years later, the cold case may be ramping up again.

“There’s just no information that they can follow up on,” Brook Arbeitman with OSBI said.

The nearly decade-old twisted murder mystery had investigators hitting a wall.

But Friday, there was movement in the case that’s now helping detectives answer the question, “What happened to Carina Saunders before investigators say she was kidnapped, tortured for days and then dismembered?”

“To her killers, just know that we won’t give up,” Carina’s mother Margie Queen said.

It’s business as usual near NW 23rd and Rockwell.

But 8 years ago, the head, arms, and legs of the 19-year-old were dumped in a field behind a local grocery store.

The remains were found stuffed inside a black bag.

News 4 uncovered a newly filed search warrant on Friday showing that in the two months before the grisly scene would unfold, Saunders told her friend, “I was beat up by two guys a week or two ago,” and “that her friend’s mom was coming to pick her up”.

Police say Saunders’ death is the work of a drug and prostitution group.

The new search warrant goes on to name “multiple men Saunders had been messaging.”

In another recent search warrant, a familiar name appeared: Kyle Savage.

Savage was named a person of interest years ago, OSBI told News 4. This week investigators are now combing through more social media accounts belonging to him.

Detectives allegedly found a threat to one of Saunders’ family members, saying, “I’m going to bury you next to Carina.”

The circle of men that investigators say were around Carina leading up to her death casts a large net.

In 2012, Jimmy Massey and Luis Ruiz were arrested and charged after allegedly “bragging about how they cut the teen’s arms and legs off inside an abandoned building.”

Investigators believe that home was a well-known and troublesome drug and prostitution hot spot near SW 34th and Harvey.

However, they were unable to get any hard evidence from it because it was demolished.

The cases against the men were eventually dropped.

As for the case in Carina’s death, it grows colder every day, possibly until now.

“You can tell by the number of search warrants in the recent weeks that we are very interested to this day in providing justice for Carina’s family,” Arbeitman said.

The two men named in Friday’s search warrant are not persons of interest. Investigators say are searching for clues by going through messages involving Carina that were sent before she died.