GUTHRIE, Okla. (KFOR) – A day of fun turned chaotic and violent after two people were stabbed moments after the annual 89er Day Parade in Guthrie. 

“We were just sitting out in front of my friend’s shop enjoying the parade and all of the sudden we see a bunch of cops running around the corner and everybody’s screaming ‘somebody got stabbed, somebody got stabbed,'” said Zeke Piper, a witness. 

According to police, two juveniles broke into a multi-level apartment off of W. Harrison Ave.

“And had begun to systematically burglarize it when they got up to the top level, had attacked the adult son who was still in the home,” said Sgt. Anthony Gibbs with the Guthrie Police Department. “They ended up stabbing him several times.”

Police say they believe the man is in his twenties. The parents returned to the apartment a short time later.

“One of the assailants attacked the mom and ended up stabbing her multiple times,” said Sgt. Gibbs. “Dad was able to end up fighting off both of the burglars and chased them out the back door.”

The havoc accidentally escalated once outside on W. Harrison Ave. when the father used pepper spray to defend himself, according to police. Saturday’s high winds caused the pepper spray to spread into the eyes of multiple people who attended the parade.

“The kids were screaming and crying and their faces was all red, you know, the pepper spray getting all over them,” said Tamyra Guther, a witness. “So it was not a fun sight to see.”

The two juveniles were caught and put into police custody within an hour.

Sgt. Gibbs said the son and mother were taken to OU hospital but are in stable condition. The father’s injuries were minor.