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ENID, Okla. – Two pit bulls allegedly attacked an Oklahoma child over the weekend.

Authorities say a 10-year-old boy was outside playing when two pit bull dogs allegedly attacked him.

The child’s parents and nearby neighbors rushed to the rescue and helped pull the dogs off the boy.

Police say the child broke his arm and suffered several cuts during the attack.

“His right arm is broken, where the dog bit down, crushed both bones and shook him. He’s got a horse-shoe shaped mark on the back of his head — it’s got 10 staples in it and it went all the way down to the skull,” the boy’s mother, Christina Dettling, told EnidNews. “He’s got a 3-inch gash on his upper right butt cheek that’s got three staples. They had to sew a portion of his right ear back on. He’s got a fractured nose. He’s just got little cuts that had to have stitches. He’s got bruises on him.

Officials say Animal Control put the dogs down Monday.

According to EnidNews, the owner of the dogs was cited for two counts of failing to comply with a dangerous dogs ordinance, a violation of special conditions, subsequent attack by dogs running at large and failure to license an animal with the city of Enid.


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