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OKLAHOMA CITY – “Friday night’s show with 28,000 is a record for a concert crowd in the history of Oklahoma City,” OKC Mayor David Holt said.

That kind of attendance made for an unplanned mic drop by the mayor caught up in the moment also caught on video.

“Just 28,000 people and rock ‘n’ roll took over and I just had an out-of-body experience.”

The Kings of Leon had a separate stage set up for the concert.

“The Kings of Leon they`re just too big for that. We had to bring in a temporary stage,” Chris Bachmann, Chief Operating Officer for Scissortail Park, said.

“We will bring those in from time to time. Once a year maybe if we were going to bring in a big concert.”

Oklahoma City police and Scissortail Park say there were no major incidents.

Some were concerned ahead of the show after hearing guns would be allowed in the public park.

“It was a safe event. There were no incidents. We`re just very grateful they were here and helped us with that,” Bachmann said.

Oklahoma City police said, “nothing out of the ordinary occurred.”

A Scissortail Park employee took a photo showing the public helping pick up trash after the Kings of Leon concert.

“Hopefully it`s just pride and ownership and people are so happy and excited about this park that by the time it`s here they want to help take care of it,” Bachmann said.

The mayor marking history at the new downtown park…

“It was just an electric atmosphere. I’ll be thinking about that night for the rest of my life, and I think a lot of people there feel the same way,” Mayor Holt said.

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