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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — Three people were arrested after they were allegedly selling PCP while one of them was impersonating a police officer.

It happened on Wednesday at an apartment complex near NE 26th and Kelley.

“That’s real scary because I do walk home in the evening,” Delois Willis told News 4.

Willis said she’s feeling a little uneasy after what allegedly happened at the apartment complex across from her home Wednesday night.

“I think that’s very dangerous,” Willis said.

According to the police report, one of three people inside a suspicious vehicle, Shirlene Nelson, had “shown a badge and handcuffs to the security guard” and “announced herself as a police officer.”

She was allegedly wearing a pink duty belt with pepper spray, two knives, handcuffs, brass knuckles and a “‘special police brass badge.”

“When officers arrived, she told them also that she was a police officer, and when they asked for her credentials, she couldn’t provide them, didn’t know what they were and indicated she worked for the armor of faith police department,” MSgt. Gary Knight with the Oklahoma City Police Department said.

According to police, that department doesn’t exist.

Nelson then allegedly told officers, according to the report, that “the father of her children had an armor business and had given her authorization to be a police officer.”

Ultimately, Nelson was arrested for impersonating an officer and for drug possession, along with Edward LittleJohn and Bobby Hooks.

“Every day, somebody’s outside on PCP and they’re loud. They scream. They tear things up,” Kellee Tyler, another neighbor, told News 4.

Tyler said it’s so bad, she’s even captured several past incidents on her cell phone where people in the area appear to be under the influence of something, and gave News 4 that footage.

She called it an epidemic and said she’s ready for it to stop.

“Now they got security, which is good because I’ve seen them over there, and that’s kind of stopping them,” Tyler said.

Although Nelson allegedly had several weapons, police said nobody got hurt.