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Police have arrested three men in the death of Shreveport, Louisiana, Police Officer Chatéri Payne, according to a Shreveport police spokesman.

Trevon Anderson, 26, Lawrence Pierre, 22, and Glenn Frierson, 38, each face charges of second-degree murder, department spokesman Marcus Hines said Tuesday night.

Payne had graduated from the police academy just two months before she was shot dead a week ago in a northwestern Louisiana home.

Payne had her uniform on and was preparing for her shift, police Chief Ben Raymond said.

Chateri Payne was newly hired as a Shreveport, Louisiana, police officer.

“Since the launch of the investigation, law enforcement officials from across the region have worked tirelessly in search of information and evidence connected to the tragic loss,” Hines said. “Those efforts came to fruition Tuesday evening with the arrests of three men now charged with murder.”

Shreveport police will hold a briefing Wednesday morning. The suspects are being held at the Shreveport City Jail.

Officers found Payne when responding to a 911 call on January 9. The officer was rushed to a hospital but died there within hours, according to Raymond.

A child was also at the home, but it’s unclear whether the child witnessed anything, the chief said.

Police do not know whose home it was.