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OKLAHOMA CITY – Three employees of a traffic and lighting company went into electric shock after having issues either installing or removing a metal light pole.

Authorities tell NewsChannel 4 it doesn’t happen every day.

“We were told, upon dispatch, that there were a couple of workers that had been electrocuted. We didn’t know what we were going to encounter,” said Benny Fulkerson with the Oklahoma City Fire Department.

Once on scene, they learned three employees of the locally-owned company ‘Traffic Lighting Systems’ were having an issue either with a metal light pole on Northwest Expressway near N.W. 63rd.

“Apparently, it came into contact with some overhead power lines, and the electricity then was conducted through the metal pole that they were working with,” Fulkerson said.

All three were shocked by the electricity.

One of the victims immediately went into cardiac arrest.

“EMSA got there just before the fire department did. They began treating the patient and working on the patient to try to resuscitate him,” Fulkerson said.

They were successful and quickly rushed him to the hospital.

Authorities said the other two were able to walk themselves to the ambulance but both suffered burns.

“It’s not that common that we’ll respond to that type of a call but, if you look around our city, it’s kind of surprising that we don’t. There are a lot of jobs out there that are dangerous, whether it be in the construction industry or something like this,” Fulkerson said.

At last check, the victim who went into cardiac arrest was in critical condition.