BATTLE CREEK, Michigan (KFOR/Storyful) – The SHOCKWAVE Jet Truck performance has long been an event at a Michigan air show, where the driver of a jet-powered truck races 300-miles-per-hour down a runway, while racing upside-down jets in the sky. So, organizers and spectators were stunned when the truck exploded during the pyrotechnics part of the show, killing the driver.

Chris Darnell, 40, was behind the wheel. When he drove through a planned pyrotechnic event, his vehicle caught fire and flipped several times.

His father posted on Facebook that the explosion was due to a mechanical failure on the SHOCKWAVE Jet Truck. Darnell was his youngest son.

“We are so sad. Just one month ago Chris turned 40. He was so well loved by everyone who knew him. Chris so loved the Air Show business. He was “Living the Dream” as he said,” Neal Darnell stated in a post.

Remaining activities at the Field of Flight Air Show and Balloon Festival were cancelled after the July 2nd accident, but resumed the following day.

The cause of the explosion is being investigated.