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GUTHRIE,Okla.-Oklahoma quaked once again, ringing in at a 4.3 according to the USGS.

Most of us felt the big jolt here at the station.

There was no talking damage to homes, but the constant shifting of the earth definitely has Oklahoman’s talking.

“All the sudden, I hear this loud roar coming from the north,” Connie Wiley, who felt the earthquake said.

“It was the hardest one that I have felt since I’ve been in Guthrie,” Pastor Andy Starns, who lives in Guthrie said.

These two, nearly 30 minutes away from each other, but both felt the magnitude of the 4.3 earthquake. Video from the Liquor Station in Guthrie shows the shake.

“My chair started shaking violently, back and forth, back and forth and then up and down,” Wiley says.

Wiley lives in northwest Edmond, close to Gallardia, while Pastor Starnes was just right behind the epicenter in Guthrie near Hwy 77 and Airport Road.

“You go out expecting to see the ground split!” Pastor Starnes said.

Wiley saw very minimal damage.

“It was strong enough to get them, make them fall towards each other,” Wiley says.

Her childhood dolls took a tumble.

“I noticed the two Shirley Temple dolls, one was like this, the other like this,” Wiley says.

Again, nothing major, but it was sure a topic of conversation at Friendship Church tonight, just feet away from where the quake originated.

“This one today, it really did, you felt the earth move,” Pastor Starnes says.

According to the USGS, there was another two point five earthquake also in south Guthrie after the big one.